Here's to Being Kissed by a Flower

Have you ever had one of those pesky issues that — no matter what you did – you just couldn’t seem to heal it?

As healers and seekers of truth, we’re trained to constantly clear and heal all the many layers that come up – layers of resistance, layers of pain. You know, basically everything! LOL

Over my lifetime, I can’t even tell you how many reiki, rohun, EFT, breathwork, past life journeys and — who knows what else — I’ve done, all in the name of healing, so that I can be the best I can be both in my personal life and also professionally for my clients and community.

As healers and lightworkers, we are all too familiar with the peeling back of the layers of the onion, all to get to the nitty gritty faulty thought or limiting belief pattern that has been wreaking havoc in our everyday world and seemingly running the show.

Well, aren’t you all just a little tired of constant healing work, constant personal growth and development? I know I sure am.


Flower medicine can balance and harmonize. Often reaching deep into dark corners of our consciousness to shine the light, the flower peeps are able to gently penetrate our emotional body, not to “scare away” the wounded parts of ourselves, but to collect them, embrace them and restore them to wholeness.
You also might choose to connect with the flower to receive a message – it could be about you or the flower or both. Over time, you can develop a relationship with it, which is when the true healing can take place.
To begin, you would want to sit near the flower that you seek to work with. Center yourself in your heart with a few deep breaths. Ask for a rainbow column of light to come over you. Feel this energy moving through you, and especially feel it in your heart. Now ask that the rainbow connect you to the flower. See the rainbow light arching over, from your heart to the flower. Ask to connect to the spirit of the plant.


Of course, there are many doorways to healing and transformation that can be fun, powerful and very effective. Many of these paths are peppered with nature magic and Faery light. And nothing beats working with someone who can guide you on this journey. I’ve been working with these heart-awakening tools for transformation for over ten years – they are certain to intimately connect you with magic in your own life. 


So step outside, practice that meditation — you may start to really feel the flower vibes and the myriad gifts of healing the flower peeps have for you. 


And that, my dears, is what being kissed by a flower is all about!

And I’m sure you will too if you haven’t already.

When is it time for ease, magic and joyful living?

When is it time to stop working on our crap and start living our sacred purpose we came here to share with the world?

Well, if you know what I’m talking about, and I know you do, then like a breath of fresh air, have I got the solution for you!

It’s called Flower Power – And it’s like being kissed by a flower.

Just like us, flowers peeps are multi-level beings. Physically a flower may appear as a combination of stem, blossom and its intricate parts. However just as humans exist beyond the physical as mental, emotional and spiritual beings, flowers are much more than what meets the eye.

Have you ever lain in a field of lavender or a meadow filled with wildflowers?

Something within you changes and suddenly you feel joyful and maybe even momentarily carefree. This is a result of the flower vibes – energy medicine of the flowers. Each type of flower offers us different healing properties.

Working with the spirit of a flower can have transformational healing benefits. They can heal all sorts of emotional issues and pain. They are great allies to help us with inner child work.


Ready for some soul expansion? Let’s chat.  



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