The Truth about Faery

In order for the truth to be revealed, I invite you to join me on a magical journey…

Imagine a timeless place filled with magic and wonder. This place exists at the deepest point within the forest, beneath the sacred hollow hills, shrouded in mist and buried in forgetfulness.

You find yourself stepping softly along a spiral, sporadically moss-covered pathway; and you know that with each step you take, you are closer to something. You notice out of the corner of your eyes, both to your left and to your right, flickering lights beyond which are looming shadows and shining forms. You turn your head swiftly to get a good look but you only see the jewel-like petals of flowers that blossom there. Gleaming liquid sparkles on their delicate petals, and you wonder if dew could be made of diamond dust in these parts.


I wrote that book straight from the Akashic Records of my own heart and consequently from the living stream of wisdom that springs from the heart of the Earth. This is why it’s important:

While the Jedda/Rose character is me, the character is also the archetypal faery crossover – that is to say, a faery being who has crossed over into human consciousness for the purpose of learning and serving on both a personal and global scale.

So the truth about faery is this: many of you feel deeply connected to these beings and the Otherworld not simply because of fancy or even because of your shared history on the planet, but because you are Faery!

And that my dear friends, is the truth about Faery!

Walking through doorways made of vines and low-hanging branches (sure that each time you step through to another dazzling new world), you continue along the pathway. A soft glowing bauble just ahead lights your way, and you are lulled deeper within – to where you know not.

You arrive at the end of the long road and you find yourself at the center of everything and nothing. You see that the bauble you have been following has been the light of your own heart.

Let’s pause right here.

So why does this feel so familiar?

Because this is more than a place; this is a memory stream from the most forgotten recesses of the human heart. This energy of this place and its inhabitants are part of many of us. The planetary histories of the human and faery races are inextricably linked. But many of you already knew this.

Regarding the tale that unfolds within The Forest Speaks series, I shall let you in on a secret that you may or may not know – it’s not fiction!


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