The lush green mountains wrap the valley basin in a warm embrace that lulls your senses to Dream with spirits of this place. Then there are the hypnotic melodies that play softly throughout the winding stone pathways.
The palo santo-scented steam wafts and twists from the Temazcal, the womb of the Mother Earth herself. 
The power that pervades this place is all-consuming! 
Sound like paradise? 
It was. I spent 5 glorious days at the Hostal de la Luz in Tepotzlan, Mexico, soaking it all in.
That being said, the energy of this particular place was so freakin’ powerful and so extreme, it was almost unnerving. 
Of course I have heaps of tools in my magical toolbox to help me acclimate, attune and connect deeply with the Spirit of Place.
But it got me thinking…do you? 
So I wanted to share this powerful grounding practice with you. You should use this whenever you travel to help you feel:
  • Grounded
  • Safe
  • Like you belong
  • Acclimated
  • Certain of yourself (even in unfamiliar territory)
  • Ready to  connect deeply with the Spirit of the Land
Because if you’re sensitive like me, the energy of these places can knock you off your booty!
Sometimes you might not even realize this to be the cause of your spaciness, or you might attribute your fatigue to jet lag.
But usually a little energy tune-up will give you exactly what you need to make you feel normal, safe and ready to go!
I made this little video for you while I was there in this powerful place. In it I explain what to do when you travel and how to do it with step by step instructions.
Hope you find it useful and that it offers you bunches of support on your next magical adventure into the unknown!

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