The Journey Continues…


If you’re ready to embody and ground the magic you experienced in Ireland in your everyday world?



You walked the well-worn pathways within the land that the ancients left for us: The stone circles and passage tombs unlocked your own inner forces of magic. And just as powerful were the pathways found in myth, legend and oral tradition that helped you to awaken your own memory and truth, grounding it deep within the forest of your own heart.

Providing a grounded container for you to root deep within, the alchemical formula allowed you to soar the heights of the higher realms, plunge the depths of the Underworld and ultimately expand your perspective to encompass a bigger picture of your hidden history, reality and the deep Mysteries of both.  


And what about that powerful Dragon Fire Initiation at Beltany Stone Circle? That otherworldly experience relit the flame of this Holy Order within your heart, but how can you give meaning and purpose to this sacred initiation here at home

Perhaps you feel the dragons around you, but how on Earth do you translate that into useful understanding and ACTION in your everyday world? 

You unlocked the power of sacred sites, but how do you unlock the power that surely lies in your own personal space (house, land, local area and ancestors)? 

How do you ground the Mysteries of Dragon and Faery into your daily life?

I totally get it! And that is why I’ve lovingly crafted  

two pathways within Faery Light Mystery School just for YOU! 

If you’re seeking to cultivate this in your own life FIRST, then the Path of Faery Light Worker is perfect  for you!

Because your land needs your love…


Path of Faery Light Worker


I will help you:

  • Embody the Dragon Initiation when you awaken your relationship with the land in your own life. 
  • Unlock the codes of wisdom within the ancient myths, legends and tales to ground your truth into knowing. 
  • Uncover how these keys of Dragon power have been used and misused, and how we can heal, restore and renew. 
  • Ground the Mysteries of Dragon and Faery into your daily life.
  • Uncover ancient relationship-building techniques for the modern woman (that’s right! Relationship with your land and local Faery peeps is where it’s at). 
  • Tap into the ancient web of story to reweave your lineage and honor the ancestors.

How we’ll do it:

  • Facebook group to share your experiences and results of ongoing work and assignments.
  • 1 Facebook Live per week to answer the accumulated questions in the Facebook group.
  • 4 one hour LIVE presentations on Zoom – 1 per month for four months (recorded replay available)
  • 4 one hour LIVE Q&A on Zoom – 1 per month for four months (recorded replay available)


$147 per month for four months

Or if instead you’re seeking to step out and lead, then the Path of Dragon Priestess is totally for YOU! 

A priestess is not one who imparts wisdom; a priestess is one who shows the way!

The Path of Dragon Priestess


Together we will:

  • Get clear on who you want to serve and how to communicate with them.
  • Explore how to GRACEFULLY navigate highly tense moments within a group dynamic (because “fall back and retreat into the cave” is NOT an option).
  • Learn how to show up for your peeps NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Flesh out easy-to-follow, bite-sized action steps to get you out there serving your peeps!
  • Explore goal-setting from an expanded perspective that supports you.
  • Activate the power of commitment in your life and as a beacon of enlightenment on the planet at this time.

How we’ll do it:

  • Includes EVERYTHING in Faery Light Worker Path (classes, Q&A, etc).
  • PLUS one 30 minute private session per month for the customized support you need to step out in a bigger way.
  • 5 support emails per month to help you refine your sacred messaging.


$247 per month for four months

 Check out some of the exciting topics we can explore together! 

Here’s a look at some of the exciting themes we will be covering!


Discover Dragon Power: Your relationship with the Land both within and around you.

  • Heal your fear of power when you restore your relationship with the land. (Yes, there are easy and practical protocols for this).
  • Reclaim Dragon wisdom as your own path of purpose.
  • Discover the truth of Dragon energy (embark on a journey of discovery through myth, legend and your own knowing).
  • Working with the trees near you as an entrance to the inner world of your area.

When There Were Dragons + Faeries Among Us

  • Uncover our sacred history with the Dragon and Faery peeps through intuitive myth-working.
  • Discover the origin of the Faery peeps according to oral tradition (hint: it has to do with the stars!).
  • Uncover your ancient lineage and discover your place of power within creation.
  • Reweave the ancient truths with new insights to co-create the next phase in the Earth’s history.
  • Possible myths we will examine – Story of the Snake at Delphi; Tiamat the Serpent Goddess, Eve Story.





How We Have Repressed Our Own Feminine and Driven the Snake from Our Lives

  • Illuminating the St. Patrick Legend (and other’s like it).
  • Making peace with Patrick (and yourself).
  • St. George and the Dragon: slaying the dragon was both the end and the beginning.
  • Tiamat: the ancient Dragon demise + restore her light and power.
  • The Dragon Goddess: emanations include Lilith, Melusine, Tiamat, Brigid, Isis.

Exploring the Eve + Lilith Myth

  • Learn to dance with your own inner dragon (yep, that’s the shadow) to harness your own potential.
  • Birth beauty when you befriend chaos.
  • Claim your sovereignty when you honor the power of choice (Hint: Eve story alert).
  • Restoring the apple as a Faery gift, not a curse.
  • Faery & human partnership: the true Path of Redemption.


**We may not cover all of these. As always, the program will depend on the group energy of all of you, beloveds.


Dates & Times:

Class 1 Thursday, November 9th at 6pm EDT

Q&A 1 Tuesday, November 21st at 4pm EDT

Class 2 Thursday, December 7th at 6pm EDT

Q&A 2 Tuesday, December 19th at 4pm EDT

Class 3 Thursday, January 4th at 6pm EDT

Q&A  3 Tuesday, January 16th at 4pm EDT

Class 4 Thursday, February 1st at 6pm EDT

Q&A 4 Tuesday, February 13th at 4pm EDT

Facebook Lives – Fridays at 3pm EDT 


My Heart-felt Letter to You:

Dear Beloveds,

I truly wanted to create something that supported each of you exactly where you are at in this moment. Of course that isn’t always easy to do, but I feel that I have designed this program to really honor the interests and desires of the majority at least. I have heard how much some of you yearn to re-create what you experienced in Ireland here in your own home (You say “activation;” I say, “relationship” – tomato/ta-mah-to). I have also listened to how exciting, valuable and essential many of you felt the mythological context was for your understanding. I have also heard the soul desire some of you have expressed to take this work out into the world. With all that in mind, I  hope that you will find this offering as magical as I do.


While often challenging to convey exactly what you will get beyond what I’ve already stated above, I will say that y’all know I go DEEP. And I like to have a bit of FUN too. So let’s bring it on – we shall dance with the DEEP, and be light-hearted  and joyful also. Let us revel in magic, authenticity and truth.

I so honor each one of you, and hope our magic-making, soul-shaking journey shall continue together. You all are powerhouses, medicine women, story weavers, mystic mothers and daughters, wise women. And it would be my great honor to support you all in deepening, integrating, playing, leading, space-holding, listening, harmonizing and taking our SH*T to the NEXT LEVEL!

Love you all so much! May you be blessed and wrapped in Faery light,


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