Can you feel the season’s palpable magic calling to your heart and soul? Or has the chaos of the holidays got you frazzled?

It’s easy to feel pulled in a million different directions this time of year. I experienced my own little tug of war this holiday season.

For weeks I had been feeling my inner magic welling up, directing me inward to dream, vision and dance within the Dream of the Earth. Instead of heeding that gentle nudge, I rushed about, and life rushed right around with me.

In my attempt to ensure everything here got taken care of before leaving on my holiday trip to England, I was drowning in to do lists and deadlines – things I had told myself “I had to get done” and “need to be in place for 2018.”

Then finally, I just STOPPED….

Looking outside my window at the barren trees, I paused to listen to the silence of nature. Then staring down at the half open box of Christmas decorations, I realized I hadn’t even finished decorating, and we were half way through the season.

I loved decorating. I loved this season:

Christmas music during dinner…warm fires blazing in the hearth framed by stockings and twinkling lights…the silence of the Earth that calls me deep into dreaming and creative spacemagical herbal potions and tea blends that nourish my body and spirit…stirring my cauldron (ok soup pot) and brewing up soups for the soul…

And I was missing it ALL!

Pressing the pause button in that moment, I saw how self-imposed deadlines, obligations and plans were running my life instead of supporting me.

Structure is meant to enhance your creativity by creating a container to express and flow within. However, when that very structure starts to impede your natural rhythm and intuitive nature, then you need to revisit your plan because it is NOT working.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Taking a good hard look at my calendar and to do’s, I carefully pared it down my projects. I’ll be honest, this was not easy. I had to make some tough decisions and really ask myself the hard questions. But it was  worth it and necessary –  because I had come too close to sacrificing my joy and creativity and losing ME.

And finally, for the first time all season, I  felt like myself. I breathed in and felt the intoxicating spell of the season uplift my soul and lure me deep; I breathed out, yielding to the enchantment of Faery that revitalizes my senses and calls me to play, dream and revel in my own soul’s magic.

My hope is that you too allow yourself to listen to what you really want and then honor that. After all, this is the season of deep rest, dreamlike creativity and out-of-this-world palpable magic. Let this be a serious invitation to gift yourself with what you REALLY need and DEEPLY desire.

Merry Magical Solstice and a Sizzling and Sparkling New Year!

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