It’s 7:00 am and my last morning in England. A cup of tea in hand (which I’ve grown to quite like) and a spectacular view of the castle here in Windsor, I find myself reflecting on all the sweet magic and synchronicities of the last 8 days.

This was an incredible Faery Light retreat! And even now 24 hours after its end, I (a writer who tends to be more comfortable with words on a page than any other mode of communication) find myself struggling to capture some of the “you had to be there to believe it” moments that unfolded before our very eyes:

  • The white dragon of Avalon that appeared in the sky (and was captured on camera by Esra, one of the retreat participants) at the end of a powerful ceremony in Chalice Well gardens.
  •  Merlin’s piercing gaze captivating several even before I mentioned meeting each other’s eyes during our guided meditation in his cave of initiation.
  • Or how even with reports of a tropical storm fast approaching, the power of partnering with the inner worlds was demonstrated when the weather miraculously changed to 70s and sunny for nearly the whole of the journey.* (see note at bottom)
  • Heading off in the wrong direction, we met just the right person at just the right time to quickly re-route us so that we lost no time and arrived at our destination before the tide came in.
  • The profound messages from the ancient standing stones of Avebury Stone Circle who we blessed by giving voice to their silent and powerful whispers.

And so many more miracles too – but their power is so subtle that to speak of them now would not convey the enchantment we felt. Because this kind sacred communion with the Otherworld:

  • Makes you feel that you’re not alone.
  • Let’s you know you’re surrounded by magic.
  • (Perhaps most of all) reminds you how absolutely loved and supported you are.

The aroma of rose and tea leaves shakes me from my memories. Looking outside now, I see the sun is shining and the day is new. But the energies and emotions of the last days are swirling within me, still raw and unsorted. For a journey of this kind can have its way with you right up until the very end. I begin to ponder the group intention and mission of this journey:


To remember the Faery secrets of Ancient Avalon in heart and soul.


Never was this intention about recovering some past age that has already seen its day. Instead this had been about honoring, healing, and reconciling what once was and resolving it for ourselves and for the planet.

Because sometimes in order for the new to be born, we must face the past in its entirety – the good, the bad and the tragic. For example, there were times when I felt deep sadness. Why?

Because I grieved for what once was and what could have been concerning the “Avalonian period.”

Oh sure, Avalon had been an otherworldly place where the magic and the mundane all blended into one. And those who entered with readiness of heart and soul underwent powerful Faery initiations and mystery school training. For Avalon had existed in a time before the veil seemingly separated the worlds of human and Faery (truth: the age of Avalon was not 5th CE but actually a much older).

And while all these memories are truths, they are not the whole truth. For rarely is something as black and white as it seems. Because as with most things, we remember what we want to about a place or time, even a person.

For me, the pain of loss and unmet potential of Avalon that I remember viscerally were equally important to honor and acknowledge. And this wasn’t easy; it never is. 

Because when we look at the Avalon dream and the Arthurian legends it appears as if:

  • Arthur and Guinevere failed. But did they?

  • That Merlin’s manipulation of plans finally bit him in the behind and he got himself imprisoned in a tree. But was his enchantment really about weakness or about something deeper?

  • That for all the equality, chivalry and idyllic qualities of the Round Table it was easily all destroyed with one single lapse in judgment – but was it?

Or was perhaps a seed planted and groundwork laid for the next age to come (hey, that’s now!)?

Because while the Avalon that was a physical place has long since died away, the truth is that the Avalon of the NOW lives in many of our hearts. And that is exactly what we helped facilitate during this retreat  — the rebirthing of this New Avalon.

So what the heck is the New Avalon?

It’s about magical and powerful living, fully aligned with the energy and vibration of NOW, and with the past not forgotten, but healed, reconciled and integrated.

Thanks to this powerful group and their efforts, this New Avalon will now flood into the land carried as seeds of light in each of their hearts.  I am so honored to have shared a heart and soul journey such as this with so many wonderful people!

For it is in sharing, co-creation and community that we shall expand and unfold into new territory. The deep and infinite Earth is the limit!

And so many of YOU followed this journey with us on Facebook and Instagram. So I just want to say thank YOU – from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and love during this powerful transformation that is really about all of us! 🙂

P.S. Let me know in the comment section or on Facebook what your fave moment or picture was that we shared. 

*(NOTE: We asked that the weather be the right and perfect conditions for our work – so I left it up to the weather elementals to know what that might be, for we never want to force our will upon such things, as rain is necessary).

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