4 Myths about Faeries and How to Avoid Them

Ever felt your soul sing in delight upon hearing about Faeries? Do you secretly guard and protect your “silly” belief in these beings?

Maybe you’ve even had the luck of an otherworldly or mystical Faery experience, and so you know the power it holds.

There’s a lot of curiosity out there about the beings known as Faeries.

And so many of you are feeling a call in your hearts to know, understand and work with them on a REALLY deep level at this time.

But you’re still struggling to really tap into this realm and access its transformative magic and healing power for yourself. It’s a kind of novelty that sits on the shelf of your consciousness, waiting for a bit of air time. And when you really stop to consider it, you might even admit you find these these beings downright baffling and elusive.

So what gives?

If you’re not making the Faery connection it’s probably because you’re going about it all wrong. But not to worry.

Because in my experience, I’ve found four myths about the Faeries are to blame.

Now, before I jump into some of these old myths and circulating misperceptions about the Faeries that are preventing you from really accessing this realm, I want to first share with you WHY you should even care.

I mean, why give a hoot about Faeries in the first place?

Well, take a good look around. Looking at our environment – the oceans, forests, rivers… we’ve got some problems, people! We have really worked ourselves into a big old polluted mess. And we have not made a great effort to care for Mama Earth.

Not to mention the growing unhappiness everywhere.

Overall, I’d say there is a brewing discontent in the hearts of many at this time. And coming at us from all angles are problems that seem insurmountable.

Now I mention all this, not to depress you. In fact, quite the opposite.

One brilliant mind said it best when they stated that the problem ain’t going to be solved from the level at which it was created.

This means we have got to go beyond the limiting thinking mind and the beliefs that got us here in the first place. And we’re going to have to be willing to take a leap of faith into unchartered territory and into something DIFFERENT.

The FAERIES are that unchartered territory.

In fact, the Faeries ARE the radical solution to personal and planetary healing that many of you have been looking for.

So today I’d like to set the Faery record straight, and one-by-one, I’m going to debunk these myths and help you navigate all the contradictory information out there.

Then I’ll pave the way for you to experience a life of magic, power and purpose with the Faery people by illuminating the truths about these beings so you can be well on your way to exponential growth and transformation.

Myth #1: Faeries don’t exist, are make-believe and just are NOT real. 

Reality: The Faeries are as real as you, me or that tree that you see outside of your window. But this is not about proof, evidence or anything like that. Because when you try to prove something we shift into our conscious, thinking mind. And you will not find Faeries with your mind. You have to use your heart.

The ancients considered the heart the organ of perception. However, we have shut down the heart in favor of the brain.  And there’s a lot of problems with this because the mind sees a very limited view of the world.

Now in order to reinstate the heart as a powerful organ of perception we must use the imagination – the imagination begins to rebuild the heart muscle because it uses the same faculties. So many have misunderstood imagination as exclusive to reality, when really its purpose is to awaken the heart, so you can access the unseen realms and begin to perceive life from a more expanded viewpoint.

Now this is NOT about “believing” in Faeries. In fact, they’re doing just fine without your belief in them. The Faery Mysteries are not some religion that requires your blind faith.The Faery Mysteries are about direct EXPERIENCE. Faeries can’t be proven. But they can be EXPERIENCED!  And I don’t know about you, but for me, my own experience is proof enough 🙂

Myth #2: There are good and bad Faeries. 

I can promise you there are not. While the world of Faerie is indeed vast, comprised of many different shades, personalities and agendas, the Faery people do not subscribe to good versus bad. That’s our ball game here in 3D land. It’s true some may not be as interested in humans as others. Some Faery peeps may be completely indifferent toward you.

But in most cases when we hear of mishaps and mayhem within a Faery and human interaction, it is usually a result of a communication breakdown.

You see, what most humans have forgotten is the secret and hidden Faery language that we used to know.

First, Faeries communicate much differently than us – through feelings, symbols, gestures, images, emotions. So you may see or feel something scary, but really they’re just trying to get your attention. The images and ideas that scare us – such as death, destruction and the Underworld – do not scare them. So most of us perceive this soul language of imagery and symbols as unnerving until you understand it.

Second, the Faery world mirrors our own in a weird funhouse sort of way. So an interaction with them could reflect to you your deepest, darkest lost and unresolved parts of YOURSELF. Now just think of all the things people repress. And connecting with a Faery being tends to bring all that UP.

Then you’re left thinking that the Faery peep was all dark and mean to you when what really happened is you were seeing (maybe for the first time) your own sh*t!

What you can do instead is view this interaction from your place of power. Get real with yourself. And see this as the deep initiatory experience it’s meant to be. Let the healing happen.

Myth #3 Faeries are nature spirits. 

Okay this is one of the most misunderstood things in the Faery world. Faeries are NOT nature spirits. It’s true that nature spirits are part of the magical Green World. But they are not Faeries.

Let’s back up a minute now. I don’t want to discount the magic of nature spirits. As you know, every tree, plant, rock and river has a spirit – obviously!

Those may be Faery forces – but those are not Faeries.

Faeries are not gods, although some have perceived them as such. They are not demons, although they have been seen as that too!

Faeries are actually beings of light that exist within the spiritual realms of Mother Earth. The first and original inhabitants on this planet, they are intimately attuned to the Earth’s rhythms and wisdom.

And yet, they have an intrinsic connection to the stars and the larger cosmic cycles because, after all, they did arrive from the stars many prehistoric aeons ago.

The Faery peeps are our closest next of kin and ancestor, but the bond between our races dissolved long ago. As the Earth began to descend more deeply into its experience in matter, we forgot our connection to these beings and to ourselves.

Now we are at a time in our history where we have much to contribute to one another’s growth. And together we can step up onto the next evolutionary rung of our journey on planet Earth.

Getting clearer about WHO they really are and our relationship to them is key to our paths crossing again at this time.

Myth #4: Faeries are angels. 

They are not. No more than we are. And they stopped being angels many aeons ago the moment they dialed in and committed to the ever-unfolding Gaia plan.

The Faeries  know where they came from, but they also know WHERE they are NOW. They are 100% committed to Gaia’s spiritual destiny. They accept that their destiny is on planet Earth at this time.

But have we?

One must be where one is. When you incarnate into the Earth system, then you’re here for the long haul.

Angels and stars are great – but don’t forget that you have chosen to have a human experience on Earth. Connecting to what’s OUT THERE is escapism.

If you trace everything back far enough it all leads to the stars anyway. Even the Earth is made up of stardust – and so are we!

Working with the Faery realm, you remember yourself as you ARE now. A daughter or son of the Earth Mama who signed up for one helluva party of consciousness expanding and unfolding right here right now.

So get your head out of the clouds and put your two feet on the ground and let’s do this thing.

Okay – now you know the 4 biggest Faery myths keeping you from an empowering relationship with these beings. I’ve created a detailed free treasure map guide to help you with your first (or next!) Faery interaction.  

My wish for you is to help you avoid the many pitfalls that stand in the way of a heart-felt desire to change your life and change the world by working with these beings.

I’ve been working with the Faery peeps for over ten years now and I’ve made many “mistakes” and had a lot of “un-learning” to do. I don’t want you to spend years bumbling about in the dark like I did. I’ve compiled a treasure map guide of my five biggest mistakes I made over these years and how to avoid them to maximize the magic, power and healing potential that lies in a relationship with the Faery realm.

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