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When I was little, I believed there was more to life than what I saw and experienced around me. In fact, I wished I’d had some sort of super-powers that would transport me to a faraway land.

I remember lying in bed at night and wishing desperately that there might be a star that could set me free from all my sadness. A child of addiction and alcoholism, I grew up feeling broken and abandoned. By whom I wasn’t sure. Maybe God. Maybe the universe. Maybe some fairy godmother or guardian angel who was supposed to look out for kids.

For most of my childhood and young adult years, I lived in a well of pity and despair – a well so deep that I could barely see the light trickling in through the surface. I thought for sure I could never rise up out of the depths and swim toward that light…

And then one day I did!

After years searching for solace and truth, scouring ancient texts and traveling through foreign lands, one day I was riding on a bus through a rural village in the south of England. Suddenly the rolling hills looked like emerald waves on an ocean, lulling me, whispering to me, welcoming me into a world I’d never known.

I had no idea what they were saying, but it didn’t matter. I felt a flutter within my heart, and suddenly I was struck by the most profound but simple understanding of all: The magic I had been looking for had been staring me right in the face. In fact, it was all around me — interacting with me, talking to me. I had just not heard it because I hadn’t understood the language it was speaking!

I hadn’t heard it because I had filled my life with so much noise and seeking that the still, small voice was drowned out. In my desperation, I had looked everywhere besides the one place that was sure to bring me answers to my soul’s deepest yearnings – inside my own heart!

That simple heart opening brought me back into the flow of the universe. In that moment, something clicked into place. I started seeing more clearly than I’d ever seen before – both the outer and inner worlds – and very quickly the universe became an incredible place of magic, power and mystery. Once I began to unlock the secret language of the heart, then the realms of light and love that I always knew existed finally revealed themselves to me.

At Glastonbury Tor, I underwent a powerful initiation into the world of Faerie, an otherworld of light and regeneration. In the forests of North Georgia, I had a vision from the Shining Ones, highly evolved faery beings of profound wisdom and power, urging me to share their message of cooperation, healing and transformation with other humans. And in the pristine rainforests of Costa Rica, when I found myself lost with no idea where to go, the invisible beings even arranged a magical rescue through a group of coatis! 

In the years since, I’ve traveled all over the world, accompanied by my Faery counterpart. A high Faery being who is both ancient and wise, she has clarified the confusing forces at play in the world and passed on her deep wisdom about how to help other people rediscover and realign themselves with the flow of nature and the universe. Much to my delight, she and other light beings have also urged me to facilitate healings and Earth balancings in dozens of places all over the planet.

Today it is my greatest joy to share what I have learned from the ancient race of light beings, the Faery Folk, with other eager humans. While some of my work is still with the land, I am deeply passionate about working with people like you — to help you discover your own life’s purpose, enter into a magical life of infinite possibility, and awaken your own latent powers as you embark on your own amazing journey of joy and creativity. 

You and I both know there are no accidents – there’s a reason you’ve landed on this page today. So if you’d like to learn more about how to unleash your soul power and discover the mystery of life that is sure to transform your everyday world, then send me an email and let’s get going on creating your amazing new life!

I’d love to hear from you – and so would the faeries!

—Diomira Rose D’Agostino

The Faery Light Mystery School

Like all the ancient spiritual centers of higher learning, the Faery Light Mystery School is a center of education that teaches the secrets of life and the keys to unlock the doors of your own heart and soul.

It’s a place where you can begin to find answers to deep and important questions – questions like Who am I? Why am I here? and What’s the purpose of life? Just as important, it’s a place where you can find answers to some of your deepest yearnings.

Maybe you feel disconnected, or like something is missing, or you’re unhappy and don’t know where to turn. If so, the Faery Light Mystery School aims to answer these yearnings – not by showing you how to use your intellect or by encouraging you to accumulate more things, but by bringing you back to your heart.

In fact, you might say that the Faery Light Mystery School is like being given a roadmap and a compass to navigate your life – or a flashlight when you’re fumbling in the dark and learning how to use it to light your way.

The Faeries

Speaking of light, you’re probably wondering what the Faeries have to do with all this. Well, the Faeries I’m talking about aren’t the fictional characters you’ve read about in fairy tales – and certainly not like Tinkerbelle or any of the other small, delicate sprites you may have seen in the movies.

No, the Faeries I’m talking about are very real. In fact, they are an ancient race of light beings who exist within the usually invisible realms of the planet, guiding and supporting the Mother Earth and ourselves in our ongoing evolution!

There are lots of names used to describe the Faery people: Elves, Little People, Devas, Sidhe, the Good People and more. Ethereal yet earthbound, cosmically inclined yet deeply attuned to the rhythm of the Earth, they hold in their hearts the original vision of balance and harmony on the planet – what we might even call Paradise or Heaven on Earth.

In fact, once, long ago, the veil between the physical world and the realms of Spirit was very thin. It was during this time that the humans and the Faery races walked together. Over many eons, the humans chose to descend more deeply into matter, and we grew unconscious of both our connection to the Earth and to our true selves.

Perhaps you have felt your heart stir? Working with the Faeries through the doorway of the heart is the key to transforming your world! Our destinies and theirs are intertwined. We are kin in a matter of speaking. While we have mostly forgotten this beautiful relationship, the Faeries have not.

We are now standing on the brink of a new age. In the midst of a great spiritual transformation, the time is NOW to once again work together to heal, grow, and re-conceive the vision of the New Earth!

What It’s ALL About

The magic of the Faery realm is meant to sir your heart and soul. Once it does, an opening is created, placing you on the path of the initiate. From there, if you go deeper, you will quickly pass through the veils that separate our mundane, everyday world from spiritual realms of great beauty and splendor.

The purpose of the Faery Light Mystery School is to help you connect with the Faery beings, and with their help, move through this gateway deep in to the forest of your own heart.

On the most practical level, this school offers you the knowledge and tools you need to navigate your own world as you shift and grow in your search for answers to deeper questions. It also provides the guidance and support you need to confidently make the journey to becoming grounded and whole and authentically yourself.

So welcome to the Faery Light Mystery School! As you travel with us, I look forward to guiding and exploring with you. And as we do, I especially look forward to watching any old feelings of uncertainty and discontent transform into love, joy and illumination as you work with the Faeries to co-create a better life and a better world!

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