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I remember a time when I was filled with awe-inspired wonder at the world around me. However, underneath that there was something else  – a restlessness and a strong sense of urgency to uncover a deep and very real magic that I KNEW existed.

After years searching for clues, scouring ancient texts and traveling through foreign lands, one day I was visiting the tiny village of Glastonbury in the south of England. Signified by the looming Tor, which is a hill topped by a lone standing tower, the remnants of St. Michaels church.

Heart pounding in my chest, I made my way up there. The pulsing, incessant sound grew within – almost as if all those years of search boiled down to this moment in time.

Following this pulse down deep, it led me to a bulge of energy that acted like a plug. When I unknotted it, the seal rolled away and burst. As if a dam had been released, droves of natures spirts, rushed forth, no longer inhibited by what held them back.

Then a blaring white light blinded my vision. As the light began to fade, in its place a shining being with iridescent skin like a bluish white flame stood watching me.

He said, “I knew you’d come. And soon you will remember.”

The power of the land had awakened something ancient within me and there was no way I was going back in a box called The Matrix ever again. There was WAY more to this Earth experience than what we are conditioned to believe. And somehow, it was part of who we were – only it’d been forgotten. 


It was nearly two years later in the fall of 2008 in the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Deeply desiring to know and understand my PURPOSE I decided to attend a meditation retreat that weekend. At one point, I’d sauntered off alone in the woods. That’s when I heard and felt them: 

“The Earth is awakening. But you have forgotten. We are here to help you remember. Help us. Help them…remember!”

The Faery people were calling to me again to remember. The experience  left me feeling touched by the deepest love, memory and truth of my own soul. I knew that somehow working with these beings was the puzzle piece I’d been missing. 

In the years following that experience, I began my deep journey of embodying the Faery Mysteries. I learned to journey to the Otherworld, where I received transmissions from many Faery Queens, Elven Elders and spirits of the Earth. 

Then one day, about 11 months in, I was journeying in vision when I was struck with a deep personal soul remembrance that shook me to the core of my being. I saw a thousand lifetimes come and go. Distant times, memories rise to the surface, recalling an age long ago. In this moment I DO REMEMBER.






I lay on the living room floor of my tiny studio apartment, convulsing with tears. I hadn’t been struck with shock. Instead it was a resounding reclamation and retrieval of a soul memory. I’d had a fully embodied memory of an existence as Faery. And I experienced a deep memory of the moment in time when I chose to alter my destiny and crossover from Faery into Human consciousness.

But I was not the only one who chose this path. There are many others, like you, who have crossed over from Faerie and into human consciousness.

For if you are reading this and feeling a deep soul resonance at these words, then know that the codes of Faerie exist within your heart too. It is about embodying and owning those frequencies that are in you so you can bring them forth NOW.

For it is those Faery Codes that live within your own heart have the power to help unlock the memory of living in Gaia’s dream.

Together we can embody and express the New Earth consciousness and make it a shared reality on Gaia at this time.

– –

In deepest love, honor and joy for the magic that lives within you,

Diomira Rose D’Agostino

The Faery Light Mystery School

Like all the ancient spiritual centers of higher learning, the Faery Light Mystery School is an online school of remembrance offering long hidden keys to unlock the doors of your own heart and reveal the ancient truth of your soul that lives within you.

It’s a place where you can begin to uncover answers to deep questions and soul yearnings – questions like Who am I – Really? Why am I here on the Earth now at this time? and What’s my connection to the ancient and hidden people of Faerie? 

By guiding you on a journey into the heart of the Faery Mysteries to discover your very real soul memory and then supporting you in activating your unique medicine, the Faery Light Mystery School is like being given a roadmap and a compass to navigate the journey of your Faery Soul Remembrance – or a flashlight when you’re fumbling in the dark and learning how to use it to light your way.

The Faeries

Once, long ago, the veil between the physical world and the realms of Spirit was very thin. It was during this time that the humans and the Faery races walked together. Over many eons, the humans chose to descend more deeply into matter, and we grew unconscious of both our connection to the Earth and to our true selves.

The Faeries I’ve mentioned aren’t the fictional characters you’ve read about in fairy tales – and certainly not like Tinkerbell or any of the other small, delicate sprites you may have seen in the movies.

In fact, they are an ancient race of light beings who exist within the usually invisible realms of the planet, guiding and supporting the Mother Earth and ourselves in our ongoing evolution!

Ethereal yet earthbound, cosmically inclined yet deeply attuned to the rhythm of the Earth, they hold in their hearts the original vision of balance and harmony on the planet – what we might even call Paradise or Heaven on Earth.

 Our destinies and theirs are intertwined. In the midst of a great spiritual transformation, the time is NOW to once again embark on a co-creative mission to heal, grow, and re-conceive the vision of the New Earth!

What It’s ALL About

If you know how to access its magic, power and light, the Faery realm is meant to stir your heart and soul to awaken and REMEMBER.

Once it does, if you go deeper, you will quickly pass through the veils that separate our mundane, everyday world from spiritual realms of great beauty and splendor.

From there, an opening is created, placing you on YOUR path of PURPOSE. 

The purpose of the Faery Light Mystery School is to help you connect with the Faery beings, in order to really step into the fullness of your HUMANITY. 

On the most practical level, this school offers you the knowledge and tools you need to navigate your own world as you shift and grow in your times of GREAT CHANGE while you discover answers to your deepest SOUL questions.

So welcome to the Faery Light Mystery School!

As you travel with us, I look forward to guiding on this journey of exploration, enchantment, truth and adventure. And I especially look forward to watching you become your most incredible self as you work with the magical inner Earth realms to co-create a wildly enchanting life and an awakened world!

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