Whether you say it aloud or not, let’s face it – you’re a person who deeply cares for the Earth.
You may not be an eco-activist (or maybe you are…in secret…)…

You may not stand outside the government building protesting chemical dumping…

But you do your part, right?

You probably do your best to recycle, make eco-friendly purchase choices and eat organic – how could you not? You’re bipedal after all, and how could we not all share a common goal of cherishing and respecting the Earth?

And yet….

You sense that donating to one of the 25 causes out there is not quite cutting it. Not to say that isn’t a good thing and of course it’s important.

But is it making you FEEL EMPOWERED?

I know as much as anyone how hopeless and powerless it can feel to care SO deeply about the Earth and yet to witness the blatant dishonoring and degrading of our Earth Mother on a daily basis.

At Faery Light we acknowledge all the pain, suffering and environmental challenges of our 3D world.

And we do something about it!

But not from a place of fear and desperation. But from a place of EMPOWERMENT!


It’s called Faery Light work.

Because here’s what I know – I KNOW that Faery Light work has a multidimensional (and seemingly miraculous even) effect.

On top of that, “where two or more are gathered…,” the effect is exponential!

I’ve seen the weather change.

I’ve seen dead trees come back to life.

I’ve witnessed people’s wounds healed in crazy short periods of time.

“How the heck can Faery Light work actually have the power to work magic like you suggest, Diomira?”

I’ll tell you – because when we connect in the Faery Light way (from the place of our hearts. In co-creative partnership with the unseen spiritual realms of the Earth)…

Then we actually TOUCH INTO ORIGINAL DREAM of the Earth where heaven on Earth is actually real and unfolding and expanding each and every moment.

When we touch into that place, we remember the beauty, truth and perfection of ourselves and life itself. Then we are able to carry that sacred memory through to the physical world!

And poof! (Well, maybe not poof. But you get the point ?)

Remember what Einstein said: “The problem will not be solved from the level at which it was created…”

And that’s why I’d like to share with you this powerful meditation that a group of recent Magical Life Mastery graduates and I did together.

I invite you to listen to this recording and take part in this powerful and co-creative Faery Ring Medicine Circle, that offers healing on a global level.

This specific Medicine Circle was convened in response to the call of the Orca whales.

So have a listen and dive in!

By joining this powerful Medicine Circle you take empowered action that effects change and healing for all of us!

Now without further ado, go ahead and have a listen. Make sure you are somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. And dive into this powerful healing meditation. And be part of the solution!

Here’s to being the change,


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