If you are one who feels you are part of an ancient lineage of timewalkers, dragon dreamers, wisdom keepers and Faery & Elven Elders, and you are seeking to REMEMBER & awaken the living Codes of Faery that live within you, then join Diomira on this sacred pilgrimage of Faery Soul Remembrance in Glastonbury, UK.

You remember walking the starlit pathways of Avalon, your footsteps a sacred song that lets the land know you’ve come…

You hear the whispers of the stones and trees now being carried by the wind…

Stopping to listen, you can almost make out the soft fluttering of swan wings and the Song of the Ancient Forest of Gaia guiding you deeper into her dream for you.

Your heart skips a beat, as you arrive at the doorway that so many have walked through before – and you seem to recall this place like a distant soul memory that lives outside of time.

The light of the moon shines now, and like a thousand petal lotus, your heart opens as if this place held some long forgotten key of rainbow light that could unlock your soul’s sacred memory and knowing.

You enter the sacred mound, and an intoxicating melody of diamond star and emerald Earth kisses your light body, weaving strands of Time and Space to collide and dance in this sacred homecoming.

A Faery Elder steps forward in greeting, her robes are flowing trees and silk. When she moves the glint of the moon catches her eyes, and reflected there is the light of a thousand stars.

She holds out an apple of the sacred tree, and you know you are being summoned deeper still into the inner Earth and Star Temple that is Avalon.

You hesitate before biting into the ruby fruit…contemplating the mystery of this moment, and you know that somehow it is reflecting the power that you wield and the destiny that is yours now.

Can you hear the Faery Elders calling to you now?  You who made this journey across the threshold of the veil so long ago — to remember the magic that flows through your veins and seeks to shine from your hands and heart.

It is time, Dear One, to awaken the living codes of Faery Light that live within you… 

…And to dance in the mystery that seeks to wield your Faery Medicine that you brought through the veils from Avalon so many aeons ago.

The Lady of Avalon rises from the Lake of the Land to invite you to Remember. She welcomes you beyond the Veil to the land of your heart’s home. Enshrouded in mist and magick for thousands of years, the time of revelation and Faery Soul Awakening is here.

We only wait for YOU.

YOU who are among those whose Faery Hearts are supposed to awaken at this time. If you are a Faery soul who knows you are part of an ancient lineage of Timewalkers, Dragon Dreamers and Wisdom Keepers, and you are seeking to REMEMBER, then join me on this Faery Light pilgrimage of Faery Soul Remembrance in Avalon.

Are you ready to remember…?

For it is time, Sister, for you to awaken, wield and utilize the light that lives coiled in your own heart and womb.

I welcome you to join me on this sacred soul pilgrimage to Avalon and into the Otherworld with the Ladies of the Lake, Morgana and Nimeneh, and the Faery Elder and Priest, Merlin himself. With their guidance you will  unleash the magick that pulses in your heart and soul, yearning to be let out. You know it has been seeping out into your life, into your world for a while now. But it waits for you to acknowledge it and wield it well.

Activate your sacred senses and tune in to the whispers of the ancient springs, hills and stones.

Stand in your power as Sorceress to engage the elemental forces of land and sky.

Know what it feels like to have earth, air, water, fire coursing as living currents through your body’s energy meridians.

Cast sacred spells of magick and weave your dream into a living song and prayer that expresses in the world.

Receive mystical truths and holy revelations for you to embody and bring forth as priestess and oracle of the modern age.

Explore your priestess skills of feeling, sensing and collaborating with the powerful Faery allies and guardians of the land in order to reveal the ancient secrets and layers of mythic reality that have literally been waiting for YOU for thousands of years.

To anyone considering journeying with Diomira and the Faery Light Mystery school…I full heartedly encourage you, dear one, to surrender to the divine guidance that has led you to Diomira. Trust and know that you will be held and supported by Diomira and the nature spirits to find a depth of wisdom, loving compassion and strength within you that will forever alter your life trajectory, allowing you to experience more of your wholeness and thus, a life with more embodied Joy.

The loving presence and sacred space that Diomira holds and my adoration for her and her work is truly beyond words. She shares her gift of guiding you and holding space in a manner that is so lovingly in honor of your sovereignty that it allows a true synergy of your Divine Self and unique human personality and gifts to merge. This is what you came for. Blessings Be. Heather

Yes, Avalon is calling me HOME to REMEMBER now!

Glastonbury, England

Avalon is a star temple suspended in the Heart Womb of Gaia. A center of deep Earth wisdom, high elemental magick and spiritual Mystery, it holds sacred the Faery and Elven lineage of blood and spirit on Gaia.

Considered the Heart Chakra of the planet, the physical location of Glastonbury holds the etheric imprint of Avalon.

Known to the ancients as Inys Afallach (Isle of Apples) and the entrance to the Otherworld, it is here that potent dragons meet and flow, carrying the Heart Song of Gaia that awakens now.  

Many years ago I was initiated into these ancient Faery Light Mysteries and embodied remembrance. And Avalon seeks to initiate you too!  

More than a sojourn to the land of your ancestors, this is an inner world medicine journey into the mysterious Otherworld and the truths it seeks to reveal to you. 

I will help you unearth these sacred truths for yourself and reignite your ancient Faery lineage. This is my medicine I offer to you!


For is at this time in the Earth’s history that the Dreamseed of Avalon quickens, and parting her Mists for her Daughters, she beckons and summons them HOME. 

The energy here bubbles now like a potent alchemical brew whose medicine awakens when you answer your soul’s urgings to fulfill your destiny to journey to Avalon.

For the ancient Faery codes live not only in the land but in your heart too. And when these two meet, a homecoming and sacred union unfolds. This homecoming awakens foretold patterns of light, disseminating them and blessing the planet and humanity.

It is time for you to reclaim this Earth and Star Faery lineage and birth into your destiny.

Where we’ll stay

We will stay in the Daisy Centre, a tranquil, peaceful healing retreat center where you can easily relax and integrate the powerful energetics that we are experiencing together. It is here we will gather for our deeply supportive sacred circles, allow ourselves to rest and be nurtured and contemplate all the magical experiences we are having. 

The bedrooms are bright and warm, and you will have your own bed in a shared room with one or two other women. Some of the rooms are ensuite. These will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. 

The Daisy Centre is right in the heart of the village of Glastonbury, a five minute walk from the Glastonbury Abbey and Apple Orchard, and in walking distance to many of the sacred sites we will be journeying. You will also be in close proximity to the fun shops renowned for the magical wares, the Goddess Temple and all the delicious and quirky cafes. 

Working with Diomira has been one of the most powerful, transformative, and empowering journeys I have ever been on. Looking back the deepest experience that I am most thankful for is not only a profound connection to Faerie and to the Earth, but also to the depths of my own being. She never “gave away” the answers (even when I wanted her to! 🙂 ) but taught me tools to journey into my own soul and discover the answers for myself. And she empowered me to believe in my own power, my gifts, and ability to do this – even without her! Now I can tell you my everyday life is truly filled to the brim with magic. It’s transformed my entire outer and inner life, and I feel such a sense of peace, interconnectedness, purpose, and excitement to be fully human and alive at this time on our planet. Chelsea

The Cuisine

Do not be fooled by what you have heard about English fare! For a Faery Light retreat leaves nothing to chance, least of all food.

Imagine farm fresh, local and seasonal cuisine at your fingertips. During our stay in England our lovely chef Keren will cater to our nourishment needs.

Hand-selected by Yours Truly and absolutely delicious, Keren will provide an exciting array of mouthwatering and mostly organic and local delights. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner prepare to be impressed with selections ranging from hot porridge to soothe the soul on a chilly spring morning to fresh homemade artisan breads to accompany the lemon asparagus soup and crisp spring salad; or perhaps a grounding dinner to enjoy like pan-seared hake (a delicious and delicate white fish) or roast duck.

Can’t eat gluten or dairy? Need to go veg? No worries! Your dietary needs are important and can be accommodated, no problem.

Our Journey

Lovingly and intentionally crafted to support your deepest transformation and sacred soul remembrance, we begin our gathering together during Beltane, a High Holy Day that marks the threshold of mid-spring. As a liminal time it offers a portal into the inner realms of Gaia and the Heart of Faerie. The potent portal of this High Holy Day actually stretches throughout the entire time we are together.

We will be journeying the sacred sites and mystical dragon currents by day, following the patterns of light and energy embedded within the land, doing powerful ceremonies and engaging and co-creating with the powerful Faery forces and guardians that reside there.

Here are a few of the powerful sites we will journey during our time together:

The surreal beauty of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey will captivate you and transport you into the ethereal reality of Avalon.

It is here that, according to legend, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were found buried.

And just behind the Abbey…an enchanted orchard is where we will journey with the Lady of Avalon herself, becoming her initiate and activating our currents of remembrance in our bodies.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Diomira. She has assisted me in changing my perception of myself, which has resulted in more confidence, better relationships with my children and a newfound trust in the benevolence of life. With her patience and wisdom, Diomira led me to make my own discoveries and realizations, which allows me to continue to grow more independently in my work with the Faery Realm. I must also express my thankfulness to my friends and allies of the Faery realm as they add so much joy and enchantment to my life. Robin Coiner

The entrancing hill looms in the background for all to see. Beckoning you to summit its gentle peak, it holds powerful hidden inner world chambers filled with ancient wisdom and hallowed treasures.

Together we will walk its winding pathway, spiral its 3D labyrinth and gather in sacred ritual and vision for a communion with the Elemental Heart of Avalon.

Diomira offers an incredibly meaningful experience in places of power and beauty. The experience is not “new age” and Diomira understands and explains why some new age approaches don’t work for some people (like me). She is well versed on the meaningful stories and history of the places she takes groups to offers opportunities to connect to the land, the stories, the people and our own spirituality.


Like spiraling dragons, the red and white spring twist and dance through this land. At Chalice Well, fed by the red spring, the vibrating energy that radiates from the ground and into your feet and womb is palpable.

We will gather for ceremony and vision work, allowing our sacred senses to come alive as we journey the well and meet its Sacred Guardian.

This retreat validated my quest for faery knowledge and earth aka dragon energies. I absolutely love being in the woods, forests and caves, no matter what the weather, discovering and working with, always for the good of the whole, awakening energies. These energies are both within me and without. These energies are earth energies and star energies. Diomira’s approach is full on integration. One toe in water will not do. One must jump in and know that she will be there for you no matter what your journey looks or feels like. If you want to change your life or want to tweak or adjust the way you view your world I highly recommend one of Diomira’s retreats.


Sitting on the Michael ley line, an east-west flowing dragon current that aligns with the Beltane sunrise and sunset, the medicine these stones offer is the energetic complement to the masculine energies of Stonehenge. Over 4000 years old, the ancient standing stones of this circle vibrate with sound, light and love, and will stir your heart and womb awake with memory and power.

It was a magical trip I’ll always remember wtih a smile on my face and love in my heart. 

Esra Beyatli

One of the most renowned stone circles in the whole world, Stonehenge is flooded by many visitors everyday. However, we will bypass all of that and gain special access* into the stone circle with a very small group just as the dawn is breaking. The power point of sunrise will act as a gateway into the Otherworld where we will REMEMBER.

* Subject to approval of our stone circle access request.

Omg, I am living in magic! I’ve been walking around town and hanging out with every tree!  It’s like totally new eyes. I cannot stop gasping with joy and familiarity — This is how we are supposed to walk on the planet!! My sovereignty is restoring to its divine nature …Wow! 

Jessica Naim

This looks incredible!

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…
  • You know you are a person of power who has gifts of magic to share at this time.
  • You deeply feel a connection with the Faery people, the realms of Gaia and the Elven Ones.
  • You love being outside, exploring magical places and sacred sites of power.
  • You are in good physical health and able to participate in moderate physical activity (walking and hiking).
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood.
  • You secretly (or openly!) think you might be Faery, Elven or of Dragon lineage. 
  • You are a healer, priestess, master, sorceress or witch! 
  • Thinking about Avalon gives you a sense of mystery, awe and homecoming, but also nervous about stepping into the unknown!
This journey is NOT for you if… 


  • You have no interest in doing your own inner work and overcoming obstacles in your life.
  • You need to be a spiritual know-it-all and your cup is already full.
  • You insist on being a victim and blaming everything and you’re not open to receiving any kind of feedback or support.
  • You like making excuses, being negative or judgmental.
  • You constantly need to be in the spotlight and make everything about you.
  • You are not willing to be a little adventurous, get outside of your normal routine (or your comfort zone for that matter), go for long walks through magical forests, among ancient stone circles or up Faery hills.
  • You hate OUTSIDE and just want to sit around.
  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry and have a boatload of friggin’ F-U-N!

The Bonuses!!

This retreat will be potent and transformational. And I want to make sure you are totally supported before, during and after your journey. 

So in addition to all the things mentioned in the inclusions, you’ll also receive:

* A Visioning Call – when you apply for this trip you will receive 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Diomira so she can get to know you personally and best support you on your journey. Together you will talk about your intentions and envision your magical outcome.

* One Group Preparation Call – to connect with one another and attune to the group energetic of magical forces, guides and guardians as a powerful container to begin our magical workings and exploration.

* Post-Trip Group Integration Call – to support the deepest integration and anchoring of all that we did together.

* Soul Kit a customized flower essence plus a magical goodie or two to help you open and prepare for the deepest alchemy and transformation.

* Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip – and of course swap photos!


Limited-Time Bonus

In addition to above bonuses, you’ll also receive access to Magical Life Mastey as a gift when you apply and register by December 15th! 

Magical Life Mastery is the magical blueprint to unlock the Faery Mysteries and teach you how to awaken your relationship with Faery. You can read all about this incredible program here


Avalon I'm coming HOME!

What’s Included

  • 6 solid days of deep dive Faery Light Mystery teachings, guided vision journeys, meditations, rituals, ceremonies + sacred circles on sacred sites and in our healing gathering room.
  • Sacred Breathwork Circle to support you in processing your emotions + deepen your experience of intimacy with yourself.
  • 6 nights accommodations in Glastonbury – your own bed in shared occupancy
  • Nourishing meals prepared for you by our chef (all 6 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 3 lunches)
  • Private Excursions, ceremony and guided journeys to sacred sites such as Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey, Avebury, etc. (Entrance fees included)
  • Transportation for our day trip in a private coach.
  • Stone Circle access to Stonehenge before regular visiting hours with our group. (subject to date/time approval)
Wow! Words fail. Really. I came to the retreat very “green” in my “faery” learning, and quickly understood that wherever a person was at in their journey was ok. It was ok just to be in that honest space with who you are. The week was a mix of nature immersion, friendship building, amazing food and so much more. I tend to be a person who needs down time and was happy to have some moments to myself to breathe in the beauty and goodness. Diomira is warm and passionate, and always excited to share her experiences in a way that is meaningful to all. Mary Wilson

What’s Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home.
  • Transportation to and from the retreat center (but we can help guide you if you need).
  • Dinners and lunches not mentioned in the inclusions above (2 dinners, 2 lunches).
  • Spa services or private healing sessions.
  • Other non-included items: souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, alcoholic beverages, taxis, laundry.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can’t thank you enough for the retreat. It changed me, and brought me to new levels of understanding. I am still integrating the wonderful faery experiences and all the magical occurrences throughout. This is a wonderful, phenomenal, transformational and information-filled program! Once again, thanks so much for an enchanting, transformational, magical retreat. I loved it! I can’t wait for the next!!

Elaine Yoshikawa Ph.D

Bestselling Author of The Shift Journey and Awakening in God¹s Heart: The Ascension of Humanity

Payment Exchange to Join this Journey

The investment for this Faery Light retreat is $3,300 USD.

Once you and Diomira connect, and you both feel strongly that this is a beautiful fit, you will be invited to either:

Pay in full or place a minimum of $1,000 USD non-refundable deposit*** to reserve your spot.

*****When you apply and register by December 15th you’ll receive access to Magical Life Mastery to support you in preparing for this sacred journey. 

* Payment plans are available.
** There are double and triple occupancy rooms. Some with ensuite, others with shared bathroom in hall. The rooms will be offered and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you book early, chance are you will get your pick of rooms.
*** Please see the FAQ section below for further details on Cancellation Policy.

I began my deep journey of embodying the Faery Mysteries several years after a powerful Faery Initiation on Tor took place.

It was in the fall of 2008 in the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I had been attending a meditation retreat that weekend. I’d arrived Friday afternoon with all the anticipation of someone excited to get out into nature for some magic, sharing and fun!

Following the instructions of an individual meditation assignment, I’d sauntered off alone in the woods. That’s when the Faery people called to me:

“The Earth is awakening. But you have forgotten But we are here to help you remember. Help us. Help them…remember!”

Remember what?

So after that day I spent nearly a year journeying to the Otherworld where I would receive transmissions from many Faery Queens, Elven Elders and spirits of the Earth. And so much of what they shared was always in picture, tone, and feeling.

Then one day, about 11 months in, I was journeying in vision when I was struck with a deep personal soul remembrance that shook me to the core of my being. I saw a thousand lifetimes come and go. Distant times, memories rise to the surface, recalling an age long ago. In this moment I REMEMBER.

I lay on the living room floor of my tiny studio apartment, convulsing with tears. My tears soaked into the rough carpet, which I remember feeling scratchy on my cheek. But I didn’t care. The tissues only 5 ft away from me lay untouched.

I hadn’t been struck with shock. Instead it was a resounding reclamation and retrieval of a soul memory. I’d had a fully embodied memory of an existence as Faery. And I experienced a deep memory of the moment in time when I chose to alter my destiny and crossover from Faery into Human consciousness.

But I was not the only one who chose this path. There are many others, like you, who have crossed over from Faerie and into human consciousness.

For if you are reading this and feeling a deep soul resonance at these words, then know that the codes of Faerie exist within your heart too. it is about embodying and owning those frequencies that are in you so you can bring them forth NOW.

For it is those Faery Codes that live within your own heart have the power to help unlock the memory of living in Gaia’s dream.

Together we can embody and express the New Earth consciousness and make it a shared reality on Gaia at this time.

– –

With my whole heart and soul, it is this sacred invitation that I extend to you as the Remembering Avalon Retreat.

In deepest love, honor and joy for the magic that lives in you,

~ Diomira Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule and flow of this retreat?
There will be a beautiful balance between downtime to relax, reflect, journal, sleep or whatever you need to integrate your experience more deeply while also including daily journeys to sacred sites, sacred circle sharing and witnessing and powerful ceremonies to engage and commune with the spiritual beings of the land.
What kinds of clothing should I pack?
The weather could be wet and will probably be chilly in the mornings. We will be venturing out rain or shine (unless it’s absolutely torrential). So you will need to bring a rain coat and rain pants. And lots of layers is key. Also because of the outdoor sites we require that you bring very good hiking shoes or boots. Plain gym or tennis shoes will not suffice. When you register you will actually be given a full packing list to support you and make sure you have all you need.
What kind of physical activity is expected and what kind of physical shape should I be in?
We will be walking the land, and walking around Glastonbury to the various sites. The land is hilly, and the walk up the Glastonbury Tor is not too steep, but it is a good sized hill. So you should be able to walk, hike or be on your feet for 1-2 hours at a time. We aren’t going to be doing intense trekking or running a marathon, but you will need to be in fairly good health and good shape for this trip.
What is your cancellation policy?
I am unable to offer any refunds for this retreat, so please be 100% sure you are in when you enroll. I also highly recommend trip cancellation insurance. Travel Guard is the company I use. That way if anything unforeseen presents itself that requires you to cancel you will be covered.
I want to go, but I’m not sure I have the money.
This is a true journey of soul remembrance and power that I have lovingly and intentionally crafted for you to truly remember Avalon and awaken your connection with the spiritual forces of Gaia that live in the land and in you all while feeling deeply held and supported. So it is priced in a way that reflects the powerful experience that is being curated and held for you. What’s important to share is that because of the depth and power of this experience it may bring up fears and resistance that show up in the form of excuses about money, time or other seeming obstacles.

So I would invite you to really sit with this. Is this resistance coming up? A little tip is if your logical mind is trying to rationalize “why you shouldn’t go” or why it “might not a good idea to go” this could be an indication of something deeper. Whereas, if it’s not right for you, you will feel that in your body if you really tune into it. Now if you really are in dire financial straits right now, then please do not join this trip and put yourself in further financial distress. Or is it just something feels scary or like it is stretching you out of your comfort zone? Either way I trust you to know what is true for you.

Yes, Diomira, I’m in!

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