The heart of the Mountain began to pulse in my ear.

I awoke in the dark of night, the Mountains’s call was like a silver thread stretching across time and space. Its heartbeat was so loud I wondered if it were my own. The mountain’s message was unmistakable – the Wheel of Ages had turned and the time that had been long foretold was now upon us.

It was a dark-filled night, for the moon was not even a sliver in the sky. And in that darkness that was the Beginning I could feel there were others too who were being summoned to answer this call.

One by one, they came. We gathered together, eventually forming a sacred and holy circle of 12. Each of us carried a silken thread that would ultimately re-weave the ancient timelines of rose, smoke, pearl, gold, ruby, emerald….Dragon, Human, Earth, Faery...starry night and earthen waters blended and clashed as we the Dragon Riders, Dreamers, Keepers and Priestesses responded to the path that lay before us.

Every moment leading up to our vision walk to summit the mountain was an initiatory step in preparation – body, mind, soul were put to the test, for no other reason than to activate the diamond light of remembrance and soul-star agreement.

For aeons of time the mountain had held within its crystalline temple heart the sacred history of the Time of Dragons, a time so ancient that civilizations like Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu are modern in comparison.

And now the time had come…

We stood poised and ready to begin. The wind blew sharp, nipped our hands and cheeks. I could see the sun toying with the charcoal and smoke clouds. The crick in my neck was an indication of the intensity of the ascent, for looking up to the mountain’s top required a complete 90 degree shift of the head, and even then the peak that came into view was not the top.

With the first footsteps, the sound of molten heartfire and singing emeralds, the twelve wound their way up the mountain’s side.

And I’d be mistaken if I did not admit that fears and doubts did indeed arise. Great visions too! So physically taxing was the walk that many of us had to stop to catch our breath. Others climbed the steep ascent so quickly as if pulled by some unseen force. For the only thing to do was to keep walking.

Like little candles being lit, eventually one by one, the brightest of lights began to flicker on a mountain side, shining out to all the worlds both seen and unseen, declaring, “We have come. We have answered the call.”

As our feet touched the mountain’s age-old stones, its stories began to come alive in our blood, our bones, our tears. The mountain’s whispers and currents of magic began to awaken the Song of Dragons within my heart. 

I opened my mouth, not knowing what arise, for this Song had not ushered forth from my lips for aeons. It felt like a simultaneous dance of sound and movement, like crystalline threads tinged with Dragon Fire – as if it said with its tones and frequencies “Dragons of earth, air, fire, water awaken now.”

Then I felt a tail swerve and curl around an inner cliff.

Suddenly I am drawn down, down, down and inside to within the mountain’s deepest obsidian caverns that held ancient treasures of time imprinted with crystalline matrices of light.

Down the serpentine pathway into the Earth I continued to go. My feet felt the coolness of the rough stone and craggy passageway that in vision I tread.

It was there in the heart temple of the mountain that the weavers still rested, the dreamers too. But only ONE of the Ancient Lineage of a bygone age remained here to greet me. For many moons, suns and cycles She had waited here to transmit and restore the ancient wisdom that lay hidden.

Then in the darkness of the starlit cave deep within Schiehallion’s center, an eye opened.

I saw the beings take flight, from the deepest heart center of the Mountain’s Sacred Wisdom, they rose.

This story and so much more, we wove together It is now written…

Written and recorded in the Book of Time.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

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