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About the Series


Are these books about Faeries?

Ever since I was little I can remember being in awe of the beings of light often referred to as Faeries. I was drawn to them, and I was enticed by the space beyond the veil known as the Faery realm. Of course back then I wasn’t aware of many books on this subject matter – nothing that discussed the Faeries as something other than whimsical characters in fairytale stories, a mere figment of a child’s imagination. Well, I knew better than that. Don’t we all?

Over time and very slowly a resurgence in the belief in Faeries began to emerge. Faery books popped up here and there. Things like “how to find a fairy” and stories of enchanted forests. For some reason, I wasn’t impressed. These Faery books were only scratching the surface. They weren’t capturing and conveying the magic and wonder that I knew existed, nor were they relaying its reality.

Now don’t get me wrong. Many a great metaphysician had written a thing or three about the Faery realm that touches on the subject. And yet…there was still something lacking. It wasn’t until much later that I would be able to articulate exactly WHAT that was.

What had been missing was their essence — when I tuned in to and accessed the Faery beings firsthand I was overcome with the knowing that beings and I shared something in common. And connecting with them was like a heartfelt reunion that fulfilled me, energized me and revitalized my life. I felt the magic of my heart awaken!

And finally a story came to me. It arrived on a gentle breeze. There it waited, floating on the Mists, until I was ready to share it.

This is one of many Faery books out there, it’s true. However it is my hope to not only give you a glimpse of the magic and mystique that is the Faery world, but hopefully inspire you to explore a relationship with the mystical and forgotten realms of nature for yourself. For it is in returning to nature that we are able to heal ourselves and finally return home.

Many may ask of these Faery books – “Is the story real, or is it fantasy?” The answer is somewhere in between – and ultimately it matters not. In some ways what I present to you is a new kind of Faery book – and yet, paradoxically, the story is very, very old.

Without further ado, I present to you:

The Forest Speaks series

This magical tale is filled with adventure and fantastic characters, but really it is a story about YOU! And although I am the author of this body of work, really what I have written belongs to everyone. It is about the journey we all make at some point – a journey within to the forest of your own heart. It is my hope that as you read this story you may be inspired to explore this forest, and in so doing, you may begin to remember your own truth, your own purpose, and thus you shall begin to AWAKEN!

Book 1: Awakening the Rose


BuyNow From Amazon Book 1 Awakening the Rose by Diomira D'Agostino

BuyNow From CreateSpace Book 1 Awakening the Rose by Diomira D'Agostino

What could a modern young girl living in the present day possibly have to do with an ancient Mystery School and mystical community living on the edge of a Forest 13,000 years ago?

Meet Jedda Delaney, a rather average teenage girl living a fairly normal and uneventful high school life. Until one morning, that is, when she awakens from a not-so-normal dream that tells a different story. That story is of the Forest, and like all forests, this one is filled with magic and wonder. It is here that possibilities are beyond Jedda’s wildest imagination, for the forest has an ancient story to tell.  But it was just a dream…or was it?

Join Jedda in, Awakening the Rose as she learns of her connection to an ancient body of wisdom that is guarded so carefully it has lived through the ages. The journey Jedda embarks on will require one thing: that she remember something that lies buried and forgotten in the farthest depths of her own heart.

Book 2: Through the Eyes of the Dragon


BuyNow From Amazon Book 2 Through the Eyes of the Dragon

It has been one year since extraordinary events led Jedda to an incredible discovery that would change her life forever. With the help of a talking cat, a raven and a Keeper, Jedda journeyed deep into the magical forest to uncover the shocking truth of her soul’s true identity. Now she must learn all she can in order to fulfill her destiny to become the next Keeper– a role that entails nothing less than protecting the ancient Faery wisdom that has survived for over 13,000 years. But protecting the ancient knowledge isn’t the only matter of importance, for a darkness stirs that threatens to destroy more than just the lineage of Keepers.

Meanwhile, the race against time is on for those of the Forest as they prepare for the auspicious and exceedingly rare event everyone has been waiting for – the Crossing of the Frog and the Mushroom!

Can Jedda uncover the truth of an ancient prophecy before the darkness consumes the soul of one she loves? And are those of the Forest able to unravel the dark plot against the Earth in time to save Rose? In this riveting sequel to Awakening the Rose, the clock is ticking all of them. If darkness prevails, the Earth and all those upon it might sleep forever!

“The tail moved beneath the earth’s surface. It was massive and bold, as it dreamed the Dream of the Earth. The sacred Dreamtime was made for dragons and dragons made for it. Dragons were both Movers and Dreamers. They lay sleeping now on the inner Earth. Where they were no one knew. No one except the Dragon Clan.” –excerpt

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