Hello, hello magic maker! Diomira here. I want to hop in here briefly to introduce you to Anne Lacey. Anne has been working with me as a client and student for over a year now. She has really dived in to the Faery Light lifestyle and made magic real for her in her own life. Recently, she has come aboard the Faery Light Team and you’ll be seeing her in the community. One of the things we’re most excited about is that she has some really juicy stories and experiences to share with you from her own life. So this week’s blog post has been written by her. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. So without further ado – here’s Anne: 

The Buried Treasure in Your Bad Feelings (And How to Unearth it)

By Anne Lacey

Dropping into your heart can be a piece of cake when you’re already feeling loving and peaceful, right?

But what about when you’re feeling uncomfortable, cranky, angry, sad or disconnected?

Not so easy, right? But what if I told you that dropping into your heart during challenging times can produce some of THE MOST POWERFUL opportunities for transformation?!

Not totally convinced? Well, let’s explore a little bit to find out why:

We all know that emotions are transient- they come and go. However, the nature of the heart remains constant. No matter what, your heart is always your connection point to your truest self, and to the deep wisdom of the Earth and Spirit realms. Always tuned in and turned on, your heart has the power to ferret out the deep wisdom in all of that yucky-feeling emotional energy.

So how do you access your heart’s superpowers when you’re just not feeling it?

Well, I can tell you it takes a leap of faith!

First, you must acknowledge and honor everything you’re feeling in that moment – whether it’s good or bad, yum or yuck – and take ALL of that (all of YOU) into your heart space. Then, you make the choice to stay in your heart space. And with as much compassion and as little judgment as you can muster, you sit with all of that, all of you, for as long as you’re able. Now truly dance with the discomfort and the pain!  Try to see all of it as vital and necessary and maybe even beautiful. Just do the best you can in that moment.

And then…you do it all again tomorrow. Because when you commit to the practice of continually returning to your heart, magic becomes a part of your everyday reality.

Let me give you a real-life example that is going to make this crystal clear.

A few days ago, my daughter tripped and crashed straight into my laptop while I was in the middle of a major project. She was fine, but my laptop was totaled. Anger, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm – I experienced the whole rush of emotions you might expect.

But because I’ve had the benefit of so many of Diomira’s teachings about moving into heart space, and I’ve been working with these powerful practices for quite a while now, I knew what I needed to do:

First, I stopped everything I was doing, and simply acknowledged the storm of emotions swirling inside of me. Without trying to change anything and without judging myself (or my daughter!). Then, I began breathing very consciously and made that leap of faith into my heart. And even with that emotional storm still raging, I began to feel my center, that eye of the hurricane where there is stillness.

Now here’s an important part – I still didn’t know exactly how I was going to deal with the situation at hand.  But I MADE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE to continue moving my attention into that place of deeper knowing within me.

In the days that followed, I kept coming back to my heart space for guidance. And then I received it! It came in the form of both practical steps to take and the deeper wisdom that was unfolding around the situation.

Because (as so often happens on this path of the heart) what had seemed like a disaster in practical terms was also an amazing opportunity to hone my sacred senses and deepen my trust in this intricate and beautiful web of connectivity that we all share.

Because the truth is, your heart magic is always unfolding anyway. It’s really a question of whether you’re tuning in enough to notice! So will you truly commit to this practice and work with that special brand of magic that turns your deepest heart’s desires into your every day experience?

I know you’re ready! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here! So won’t you come along?  Then hop on over to the FREE Facebook Group. Once you do, Faery Light has the knowledge, tools, resources and support that are just right for you.

Welcome to your Magical Life!

Meet Anne Lacey 

Hi! I’m Anne. My joy has always been in helping people feel authentically good. I suspect that my desire to help people may have grown out of a deeply empathic nature combined with feeling like a bit (sometimes a lot) of a misfit in the world of muggles, and wanting to make things easier for others like me. As a holistic therapist (massage + energy work + intuitive empowerment), I began to realize that feeling “authentically good” means a lot more than physical (or even emotional) pain relief. I was seeing a lot of people who were yearning deeply for something. It seemed as though they held a dim memory of a spark that had once burned within them, and were longing to reignite it. I was feeling that same kind of longing myself.

Then I had a lucky break. Thanks to Diomira and Faery Light Mystery School, I fell into a big ol’ pot o’ Reawakening my Inner Magic! At long last I got my invitation to the Earth party that was already happening all around me! Now as part of the Faery Light team, I’m finding even greater joy in helping to bring this magical, empowering and deeply connecting Earth party to you (yes, you)!

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