Working with the Otherworld – you know, the Faery peeps, the spiritual realms of the Earth and all the things – is like working with your dreams.

What once seemed SO vivid, so profound eventually begins to fade away. Sometimes in days or longer. But usually after even moments or hours our memory fails us.

Try this out: recall a dream you’ve had, one that at the time of having it, was so vivid it felt as if it would be etched into your mind and heart forever.

Can you still recall it vividly?

More than likely, if you’re like most of us, it has slowly left and maybe only remnants of its magic remain.

This same thing occurs when we have otherworldly visions or inner world experiences.

So I want to share with you an incredibly powerful tool that I have been using for almost 20 years. And not only is it helping me write my book, but it helps me integrate powerful otherworldly experiences in the present and many years later, at a deeper level of consciousness.

Get ready for it!

The tool is called…


Oh! Don’t go yet! Hear me out, hear me out 😉

To understand why journaling is so crucial the working with the spirit realms, you first need to understand WHY we tend to forget our dreams, visions and otherworldly experiences.

We forget because it takes a lot of energy and personal power to walk in both worlds.

The frequency bands are very different. Being tuned in to one, likely means that you miss a lot or all that is going on in the others. That’s okay. It’s normal.

The way that a medicine person, shaman or Faery Light Walker in the Faery Light tradition works is they’re able to walk in both worlds and be able to bridge or anchor the world of spirit in the world of matter and form!

The more we spiritualize matter, the more we create heaven on Earth – woot! Give it up for that Earth party!

Bridging spirit and matter does not HAVE TO BE difficult. In fact, there’s an easy way to start to do it!

And one of the first things I encourage my students to do is to journal their experiences.

Why? Well, for three reasons:

1. Integration – recounting the experience allows you to make it real in your life.

2. Expansion – During a real-time exchange, your conscious mind is only able to process a very small percentage of the input and data within an inner world experience. Whereas your soul perceives from a multidimensional perspective. Putting pen to paper, you give your soul the space it needs to speak and share the fullness of the experience. My students notice that if they just let the words flow (without editing or analyzing anything) then what emerges is elements of the experience that they were not consciously aware of. If you’re not gentle here, you could tell yourself you’re making it up! That’s because the mind doesn’t remember because it wasn’t the experiencer. The soul was and it remembers. So with a little practice and patience you’ll actually see how rich your experience was!

3. Transformation – when you journal immediately after the experience, you actually imprint the energy into the physical. The words and images carry codes that act like a thread that you can pick up weeks or years later to follow and trace back in order to tap back into the energy. But wait, it gets better! When you tune back in, you are able to re-experience the inner world exchange at a completely new level of consciousness. From your new vantage point, you may be able to access doors that might have been closed to you before!

This is because the Faery world is NOT linear. That means all time is really NOW for them.

As we grow, so too does the experience itself and our “past” interaction with these beings actually shifts, changes and transforms over time.

So let me be clear (because this is huge!): A past Faery experience has the power to affect us in the present and future. For them the experience still exists and is still happening. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. Wild, right?!

So the writing of my book is a great example.

Many of the experiences I share, I co-created with the spirit realms many years ago. Going back through my old journals, I am able to touch into the energy codes of the interaction and then re-experience it at my current level of consciousness. Experiencing it at this new level of awareness then acts as a healing and a blessing for me and for the readers who are attracted to Faery Light now.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now the key here is you have to write it down when it happens. That’s how you capture the energy. So writing about it a week later as an after thought doesn’t have the same effect. It can be later that day, but once you let a night of sleep between you and the experience then it becomes more difficult to trace the energy. Especially when you’re starting out.

So I want you to go ahead and try this out!

This week I want you to journal one dream or inner world interaction. Now it doesn’t have to be a knock your socks off vision. It could even be a simple but magical synchronicity that occurred. Go ahead and write it down. And then let us know all about it in the FB group.



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