This was originally published two years ago in New Age Journal. I have reposted it here, and so you will notice it starts with talking about the month of July. I didn’t want to change it; so you have it here as it was originally written and published:

Happy July!  I love July.  Although I have been reluctant to walk outside without an ice suit lately.  It’s HOT!!  Water is such a refreshing treat these days.  Cool water, that is.  Over this past weekend Johnny and I were guided to this amazing “diamond in the rough” called Sea Creek Falls.  It lies hidden in the forest with very few visitors. This place was so healing for me. I felt completely rejuvenated after a long hot day.  Its waters were icy cold, a delicious relief for hot and tired skin.  The mist from the waterfalls cools the air allowing you to sit on the rocks and indulge in the vibrant energy nature has to offer in this enchanting haven.  This place is truly a treat for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle.  Beware: the beauty of this place is enrapturing!

This month will end our Co-creation series!  As I was sitting on a moss-carpeted log, which rested slightly above the rushing cascades I was able to connect very deeply with the land.  The tales the faeries told me will have to be saved for another time, but I will share something that they showed me.  Over these last few months we have really been learning about designing and implementing an energetic garden of sorts.  Although sometimes challenging, it is always rewarding in the end.  We stand back and admire our beautiful co-creation.  We must always remember to toil with joy in our hearts, and gladness in our souls.

When we create from our hearts in a co-creative partnership with Nature, we allow a space from the most wondrous desire to flourish.  May all of your gardens be wildly beautiful and divinely conceived.

This is what they said to me:

Lady Rose,

We have great news to bring you for the month of July.  The solar flares that are bathing the Earth with their intense brilliance have reached an all time high.  This is a great time to really move into alignment with the frequency of the Earth Mother.  You must consciously feel your connection to the Earth daily.  Feel it within your heart; allow your heart to synch with the heartbeat of the planet.  It is in this space that you will find a reprieve from the intensity of the solar flares.  This alignment will help to soften the effects of the Sun’s radiant energy.  Consciously aligning ourselves to the vibration of the planet allows for the seamless integration of these new higher dimensional frequencies.


Me: What does this have to do with manifestation?


Answer: You cannot manifest anything if you are off center.


Me: Will we talk about the last step in the Co-creation series this month?

Summary of their answer: The last step is the easiest and yet least practiced step of all.  We always forget about the last step.  We have no problem connecting and setting our intention to Co-create.  Then we have many desires that arise from deep within the heart that we wish to manifest.  After that, though, most of us run off.  We are on to the next thing, and only ever so sporadically are we brought back to the glimpse of our dream.


The last step has to do with planting your seed.  The images of your desires are seeds, and you must go and plant them in order for them to grow.  You wouldn’t buy a packet of seeds and expect them to sprout without planting or caring for them, would you?  It is no different with your dreams.

Meditation for planting the seed:

Close your eyes.  Breathe.  Feel the love and support of Mother Earth surrounding you in a nurturing blanket.  Ask for the divine celestial energy of Father Sky to pour down over.  Feel the blending of these two energies in your heart space.  Breathe.  Ask that the faeries be with you now. Feel yourself connecting with them, heart to heart.  Know that they are here to support you in your manifestation every step of the way.  With this feeling of love for All That Is, let us now recall the image that arose last month.  This was a desire or dream that came from within the heart space.  Breathe.  With that image in your heart and mind, close your eyes.  Now ask the soil of the ethers to come forth. See these swirling sands of time moving before – you are gazing at pure unformed potential.  It is just waiting to be molded into form.  See in your mind’s eye what looks like a seed or bulb.  Allow it to float in front of you.  Take this seed in your hands.  Feel the love you have for this seed, for within it is the pure potential of all of creation.  With loving conscious intention envision your dream or desire.  Sense the joy in your heart that you feel knowing that this dream has already come true.  Now send this image of your desire into the seed.  Feel the seed receive the image.  Now place the seed in the etheric soil and watch it disappear becoming one with it.  The soil has received your dream.


Just like a plant or flower cannot live without water and sunlight, a dream cannot live without love and conscious attention.   Let us begin to water our dreams with love and light.  Begin to send a ray of love from your heart to the soil, knowing that your seed is receiving it.  Notice the faeries sending their love to the seed as well.  They see the highest and best for you, and everything that they do is in harmony with the Earth.


Now we must release the dream to its highest and best.  In doing this, we allow it to take on a life of its own. We must also be open to it shifting to an even greater vision that we could have ever conceived.


Consciously attend to your dream-seed whenever possible, preferably everyday.  Send it love and light without conditions or attachments. Bring it to memory often, with a fondness and joy.  When you see or think about it, always feel the feelings and emotions as if it were already true.  Really feel the joy and happiness that come along with the fulfillment of this dear desire.


Watch It Grow!!!

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