For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to Colombia. More than for its appeal of natural beauty, there was a gentle tone within my heart that sounded every time the country’s name was heard. About five years ago I became aware of a beautiful group of Indigenous that are known as the Kogi of Santa Marta. Residing at fairly high altitudes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this particular indigenous group has passed  their ancient wisdom of the Mysteries generation after generation almost unchanged. Whether due to their isolation, or some other unknown factor, the Kogi are unique among the indigenous of the world in their ability to retain their inner traditional ways. These were an incredible people and I resonated deeply with their energy. I decided that when I finally made it to Colombia, I would seek them out.

Well in February of this year I finally did make it! Colombia at last! I was excited and I had no idea what to expect. A friend and I decided to go. She being a native Colombian was looking forward to the adventure and seeing her country in a new and refreshing light. I left organizing the details to her with only one guideline – not too much organization, for we must leave room for Spirit to guide us and follow the energy.

About two days before leaving I still had no idea about anything. Most of the traditional channels to gain access to the Sierra Nevada were being hindered, and we hadn’t a clue how it was all going to manifest. Typical [wink]. Anyway, I decided to sit in meditation to get some clarity and to see if I needed to understand anything before embarking on this journey. Within seconds I began to hear a heartbeat-like pulsing. I followed it. Over streams and rivers, across the sea and to the mountains I was drawn. It was then that I realized that I was hearing the heartbeat of the Sierra Nevada mountains! The pulse reverberated, striking chords within the fibers of my being. It was the mountains that called, beckoning me to come. It had always been the song of the Sierra Nevada that had been drawing me to Colombia. I didn’t know why, but I knew I was finally heeding the call to come. A rock that sat upon my nightstand spoke to me. Her energy was warm and pulsing and while speaking to me she was simultaneously communing with the mountains herself. A very special stone from the Camargue region in the south of France, she emanated the energy of the Divine Mother.  I must admit my reluctance in bringing her with me because somehow I knew in my heart that she would not be returning home.


To Be Continued…

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