The first full Faery workshop I ever taught was in December of 2009.

I had been working with the Faeries, listening to what they wanted conveyed to the people who would attend. All the activities had come pretty easily, but the last one. Meant to be the culmination of the workshop and an example of what can be accomplished through partnership, the focus was to be on distance healing of some area of land that had requested our assistance.

Before my meeting with the tree, not one area had!

So you can imagine how delighted and surprised I was, upon receiving the tree’s directive.

When the time for the last activity of the workshop came my attendees and I prepared for “take off,” and we did exactly what had been asked:

In meditation, we journeyed to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. Connecting in through the trees there that were still standing, we flooded the land with our love and support.

The days following the workshop were for processing. I was feeling into the last activity with Joyce Kilmer when I felt the vibrational signature of the Hemlocks. It was then that it hit me:

Even though we had sent them healing energy, we didn’t alter their destiny. In fact, we had actually helped them fulfill it.

I tried my best to stay in a receptive state of meditation. Who can blame a gal for wanting to revel in a little divine bliss?

What I felt instead, though, was annoyance and total resistance. I knew, however, that what it really was was the deep sadness I felt for the beloved tree species, the Hemlocks.

Unable to see the big picture, I was totally attached to my human perspective, and I was totally resting feeling this loss. I refused to make peace with the fact that an entire race of ancient standing people had to leave the planet. Tears immediately streamed down my face, and I cried for an eternity.

A torrential downpour of emotion. Then a moment of calm proceeded the storm. A warm blanket wrapped me in its love.

I could feel the presence of the Hemlocks there with me.

I had to ask. I had to know!


The answer came, so soft, so gentle,  but VERY firm:

“Fear not, Child. For many species that you believe to be extinct or lost have just made a dimensional shift – they live on the New Earth. They exist still on the newly birthed dimensional overtones of this planet. Our species waits for you there.”

The Hemlocks continued, ” And know this, Child. The Earth Mother holds within her “records” the blueprint for all species. So if Nature deems it so, a species can return to the physical world once again. The Faery Ones hold these codes within their hearts.”

So while they were leaving this “physical” Earth plane, then they weren’t really gone? I wondered to myself.

In answer to my thoughts, these words were like a purring wind in my heart: “Nothing is ever lost. All is well. We love you.”

What I understood (at that time) was that the Hemlocks had made a collective soul choice to take a leap forward on their evolutionary path.

Many years later when I learned that the plight with the Adelgid had spread all the way to the Pacific Northwest I remembered their words to me:

“Nothing is ever lost.”

To Be Continued…

Song of the Hemlocks: Part 3


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