I promised to share my secret touch to up-level your sense of belonging and connection almost 100x.

It’s so easy, and I would NEVER live somewhere without doing it.

Ever feel disconnected from your own life?

I’ve totally been there!

Tired of swaying in the breeze of uncertainty?

I hear you!

Ever feel like you don’t belong — even in your own home?

OMG I so know the feeling!

Well, no worries, because I’ve got you covered.

Allow me to share a simple practice that is sure to change your life and the way you feel about your place in the world. After all, you are part of my soul family! And it is my greatest joy to share powerful tips and tools that will lift your heart and ground you deeply at the same time.

So we talked about the power of the house clearing to help you feel grounded and more rooted in your personal power. Well, this next step is just as important – if not even more so!

Ready? Okay here it is:

You must activate your relationship with your House Deva. An overlighting spirit that constantly oversees and directs the energy of your dwelling space, this being of light is waiting for YOU to engage it. Your conscious attention and intention will ignite a powerful synergistic partnership.

Imagine feeling really connected with your home. Gain clarity and reassurance in your life. No longer feel tossed and turned on the currents of a chaotic life.

Okay, so now you’ve got the “what.” Let me go ahead, and give you “how” too!

10 Step House Deva Connection: 

Step one: Orient yourself to the four directions.

Step two: Feel yourself in the “center” of these directions.

Step three: Contemplate the directions above you and below you.

Step four: Breathe deeply with awareness of you in the “center.”

Step five: With intention, ask to connect to the deva of your home.

Step six: Feel the connection. Allow a few moments and several breathes here.

Step seven: State your intention (Example: “I seek to partner with you, so that I may feel and understand this space deeply. And in so doing, I may come to understand myself. I invite this partnership into my life for our mutual benefit and for the good of the whole.”)

Step eight: Allow for space. You may see, sense or hear something. Just allow.

Step nine: Give thanks and send love.

Step ten: Offer a gift or token of friendship. This could be something you place on your altar like a flower, incense, or anything that feels right.

When I started doing this one simple practice, I felt belonging that I’d never before experienced. Being connected with the power of a place is very special and very healing.

Can’t wait to hear what your house deva is like. Let me know how this practice supports you in the Facebook group!


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