December [sigh]. I love the energy of Christmas. The weather gets a nice chill to it. The crisp air is tantalizing. One feels the need to giggle and journey back to that childlike playfulness when seeing the breath as it dances and writhes into shapes both known and mysterious as the warmth clashes with the chilled air. I love this season. The lights are another cause for joyful celebration. They bring such a feeling of magic and glimmer – they remind us of the twinkling faery lights that we sometimes catch a glimpse of out of the corner of our eye. I think this month reminds us of the magic in life. We see children getting excited at the idea of Santa Claus and his team of reindeer somehow making it to even the furthest corners of the Earth to deliver presents to boys and girls all over the world. Our neighbors appear to have been sprinkled with Christmas dust because they, too, have a holiday cheer that you definitely have not noticed all year 😉 Christmas is a reminder to stop taking ourselves so seriously for Heaven’s sake, and yet what we are to speak about is a most serious topic.

Imagination. Fantasy. Dreaming. Are these worlds not just as real as our everyday reality? Dreaming and imagination are states of mind that activate our heart. Like portals, they transport us to the higher realms, to Faerie, and beyond. Science shows that when we daydream, create art or simply walk in nature we move us into alpha, a type of brainwave associated with wakeful relaxation and meditation. If we want to access the inner planes we must leave behind the cares of the busy world and awaken the inner child. Through storytelling, imagination and fantasy we pull back the veils and step into the realms of Light.

The faeries say that we, adults, have forgotten how to listen to our hearts (they said “lost our hearts”), and imagination is the way to remembering them again. They said that many of us have forgotten the lost art of storytelling. Storytelling used to be part of most cultures. In fact, there was more truth in a story than in most historical accounts. What is a historical account but someone’s story anyway. Because of the images that December drums up – hot cocoa by the fire, curling up with a good blanket and getting lost in a book, etc. they said it was a good time to bring to remembrance the power that lies within the Story. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a fantastical experience! Why not get lost in a magical realm where faeries and wizards dance, where frogs turn into princes (or vice versa if you’re not careful), where dragons and dolphins are kin, and where humans remember how to speak and hear the wind, fire, water and Earth.

Let this tale arouse your senses, and transport you back to a time when you were led by your heart. Allow yourself for one moment, if you dare, to believe your wildest dreams – and watch them come true!

Follow Me to the Land of Faerie:

Now where do we go from here, you ask. Why, we go anywhere! Anywhere you like! Can you imagine 100,000 possibilities? Well, there are more! Is it overwhelming or is it wonderfully delightful? We’ve only just begun.

Allow the music of your soul to seduce you. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the place of your deepest desire.

An enchanted faerie forest…a craggy mountain cliff…an underwater sea kingdom…where the wheel of life points no one knows. Around and around we go. Look ahead! What do you see? A doorway. A portal. Do you have the courage to step through?

A curious traveler has just stepped through the door of his or her own soul. The world is different here somehow. Upon first glance the natural laws don’t appear to function here quite the same way. Up is down, and down is up – you catch my drift.

“Keep going,” a whisper is heard. It is coming from within. It is the voice of the heart. In the distance a waterfall is spotted. Even from here the water can be heard spilling forth. The waters are flowing from some unknown source way up high in the clouds. Clouds? A waterfall flowing from the clouds. The lone traveler walks toward it feeling a sense of purpose arising from deep within. Not knowing why they feel this sensation that is drawing them near. Still a good ways off the traveler begins to squint their eyes; they are seeing flickering lights blinking in and out of sight. They appear to be playing with the flowing waters as if they were ribbons of a Maypole. The traveler rubs their eyes as if that will provide clarity and the twinkles will cease to exist – because if they did then you would not have to believe.

You can turn back now. It’s not too late. Keep going if you dare. You see a sign to your right. It reads: “To Advance Further, Courage Required.” You breathe deeply. Onward with a determined gait now. You can hear the rushing waters roaring over the cliff or the clouds – you are not sure. The twinkling lights are still there, blink as you may, they do not disappear. You are almost out of excuses to satisfy your Doubting Thomas within.

The lights grow brighter. They are colored differently: powder pink puffs, gleaming white orbs, dancing golden disks. They are all around. Somehow you know that these are young nature spirits that have just been birthed into the world through the living primordial waters to bring faery light to mankind’s heart, and to keep the magic alive. You suddenly are cognizant of the fact that you would even know such a thing, and yet before you can ponder how you came to know this, a great swirling light begins to dazzle your eyes. This is too large to wave or whisper away. This luminous ball of light begins to take form. It is the spirit of this place. It sparkles in the sunlight. It has gossamer wings that glisten with the morning dew. Its skin is the color of moon drops, if ever there was such a thing. You can feel its warm and inviting presence and then it guides you to look. Look and what do you see? You peer forward. The waters of the glistening cascades begin to part revealing a mirror that reflects a golden glow.

“Look. Look into the mirror,” the spirit of this place does not speak, but for some reason you know what it says. You step upon the stone path in the elven pool below – each stone taking you closer to the mirror as you go. You get up close. Your heart is racing for you know that this mirror holds the key. The answer to the ancient Mysteries awaits your discovery and you are so close. You know it is the answer you seek. What do you see?

Staring back at you…

Why it is your reflection! What Jubilee!

The Beginning.

Holiday Blessings and Faery Light,

Diomira Rose and the Faeries


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