I have a confession to make, I don’t want to “do it for you.”

Going to another for spiritual enlightenment or to receive channeled wisdom from the inner realms can lead to spiritual enslavement. Whoa! That’s heavy. Maybe, but it’s something that needs to be addressed in the spiritual community.

When you take on another person’s ideas as your truth without your own independent investigation and experience, then you give your power away to someone or something outside yourself.

I’m really all about some DIY spirituality. I just love teaching people to do it for themselves.

Looking back, I finally made a conscious decision to NOT be anyone’s Faery oracle. I felt I could be of greater service to the world, not by transmitting or channeling messages of the Faery realm for people, but by empowering others to co-create their own relationship with this world.

I can remember being tempted once. When a trusted mentor asked me to sit in a magic garden and be the next gen Faery channel for her spiritual retreat center, I had to think twice — visions of past lives as a Delphi oracle and village prophetess danced like sugar plums before my mind’s eye.

It’s true — people love that stuff.

But I think it’s important to realize that it ain’t nothing but a crutch.

Long ago, perhaps it was necessary — a different time, a different place. People needed a hand to reach beyond the veil and pull a rabbit out of a hat so they could renew their belief in magic.

But now we are in a new age where the veils between the worlds is thinning more and more each day. The time has come for each of us to be a font of oracular wisdom for him or herself. The the time for ONE oracle has ended.

Why? Because if I give you a message from the Faery realm, now you buy into that age-old (and frankly out-of-style) belief that you can’t access the wisdom yourself. So you make MY truth your OWN, and give your power away to a source outside of you.

Perhaps worst of all is that you deprive yourself of the incredible magic and potential that lies in developing a relationship with the Faery peeps for yourself.

Well, if all that isn’t cause to get busy and remember the truth of who you are, then I don’t know what is!

Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine an empowered reality where each and every person has unlocked their soul’s profound wisdom. In this world each person shares from his or her heart, and channels wisdom in a way that is most pertinent to THEIR piece of the puzzle. Imagine each person has fully stepped into their truth, and they become a unique instrument of beauty, love and healing.

I believe in this world. That is the world I work for and that is the world I keep in my heart when I empower my clients and my community to awaken a potent relationship with the Faery realm and really uncover their magical potential together.

It is true that I hear the voices of Spirit — the Faery peeps, the nature peeps, even the star peeps on certain occasions.

But so can you!

You may only need to stop, drop (into your heart, that is) and roll (out a practice that supports this new/old way of being).

Here’s what happened once when I did:

(lyrics of a song from Mother Earth when I was down by the river)

I hear the call of the great mountain,

The song of the river and stream,

I hear the whisper of the rocks and boulders,

I hear the voice of the plants and trees.

I hear the song of the Earth,

The whisper of the Sea,

I hear call of the Cosmos,

And the cry from the heart of humanity.


Sound is one easy way to attune to these realms. Want to hear your own song? Great!

Here’s a little DIY guide:

  1. First, place all electronics on DO NOT DISTURB.
  2. Now go outside (garden, park — heck a sidewalk with a tree will do).
  3. Place your hands on the Earth or a tree.
  4. Use your felt senses to pick up the sensations that your hands feel. Really tune into them.
  5. Feel the energy vibration (use your imagination if you need to).
  6. Now part your lips, and let a tone or sound come out of you.
  7. If you need to, you can get it going by toning something of your own accord.
  8. Continue to focus on the feeling in your hands.
  9. Continue emitting sound until you feel it shift into something that is more than just you.
  10. That’s what it’s like to be sung by nature.

Remember the benefits of doing something like this are myriad. For starters, it helps us gain a more expanded perspective; it dissolves barriers; and helps us remember “home,” so we feel connected to who we really are. You’d be surprised how many “problems” don’t seem so big anymore when you know who YOU are.

So the next time you decide to listen to somebody’s channeled words or go to get a reading, I want you to STOP, DROP and ROLL. First, ask yourself, why am I listening to this message? Is it simply because you desire a little inspiration and insight? OR are you using it as an excuse to not access your own deeper knowing and relationship with the magical inner realms?

Here’s to uncovering your greatness and being the magic that you are!

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