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Sacred Scotland Journey: Dancing the Dragon

Sept 15-22, 2019 – NOW SOLD OUT

PLUS Extension to Isle of Lewis Sept 22-25, 2019  SOLD OUT

It is time for you to step into your oracular power and co-create your sacred vision born of the heart of Gaia. Scotland is calling many light workers to its land at this time. Its spiritual forces are bubbling and beckoning to your heart and soul to join this deep exploration and fulfill a sacred soul agreement that has long been written in the stars and stones.

Diomira connects you to your sacred inner ecosystem. Not only do you know yourself better at the end of her programs but you know how to harmonize with other beings of light who can guide you even deeper into yourself and the planet. Now is the time to remember this ancient wisdom and not only awaken your own magic but create a better place for all living things!

Jessica Naim

This was my first experience of working directly with the faery world. It was very informative and opened me to connecting directly. It helped to explain experiences from my past that I didn’t understand or know how personally I was being contacted or helped. Diomira is very knowing in both the physical information and spiritual connection of the subject. She is so full with love and joy of her subject it will light your fire. She gives her time freely in helping and encouraging each one to follow their soul’s calling. I’ve learned how to set a path for myself to follow and use in future.

Audrey Gardner

Working with Diomira and the Faery Beings has allowed me to step into more of who I truly am, given me more access to confidence, power, and magic. Can’t wait to see how my life continues to unfold.
Robin Coiner

Past Events

Community Healing Night

Come and Experience the healing energy of Earth and Spirit!

WHEN: Monday, June 17th from 6-8pm

All people are welcomed in to receive a 20 minute in-person healing session. 

Diomira is honored to be a guest on this telesummit and will be speaking on:

The Gaia Plan: What it means for your destiny

February 4-19

  • Awaken your heart to connect with Mother Earth as Sacred Being
  • Discover what it means to align with the Gaia Plan
  • Tap into the Faeries’ key codes to unfold your soul potential as a child of our Sacred Earth Mother
  • Transform your despair for our planet when you channel your compassion into empowered “light action”

FREE talk:

Discover Sacred Earth Mysteries + Awaken Your Magical Life

Tuesday, October 9th 7-8:30pm at Rockfish Vally Community Center in Nellysford, VA

Remembering Faery Secrets of Ancient Avalon:
Unleash Your Magic + Unearth Your Wild Power

Glastonbury + Cornwall in Sacred Britain ~ September 15-23, 2018

If you’re ready for a guided journey of magical living, then join Diomira for this upcoming Faery Light retreat ! Unlock the mystery of who YOU REALLY ARE and step into your wild power when you tap into Faery magic. The time is so NOW to  step up and into your incredible potential and rock this Earth Party!

18th annual Fairy & Humans Relations Congress

Skalitude Retreat, Twisp, WA – June 21-24

Communication and Co-Creation with Nature Spirits, Devas and the Faery Realms is what this event is all about.  Diomira will be presenting two workshops at the congress this year!

Diomira is honored to be a  guest on this telesummit and will be speaking on:

Faery & Human Partnership: The Path of Grail Mastery

October 23rd at 10:00 am Eastern Time

  • Uncover the hidden truth of Faery & Human history to reclaim your power.
  • Discover why Faery & Human partnership is the key to your spiritual awakening AND world transformation.
  • Decode the 4 Faery Hallows as your living road map to Grail Mastery.

A Walk Between the Worlds:
Journey Into the Heart of the Faery Mysteries

The Magic of Ireland ~ Sept. 30 – Oct. 7, 2017

If you’re ready to step into the heart of magic, re-enchant your life and unearth Ireland’s spiritual treasures – then join Diomira Rose D’Agostino on this mystical journey to awaken your soul!

FREE webinar

Harness the Power of Sacred Sites:

Answer Your Soul’s Calling + Live Your Sacred Purpose

June 28th at 6pm EDT New York; 3pm PDT Los Angeles; 11pm London

Tired of only scratching the surface of your potential? Feeling like your on the verge of something big and powerful, but you have no idea how to unlock it? Uncover the power of sacred sites to transform your life + awaken your soul magic fully!

Diomira is a Special Guide and acting Faery Ambassador. She is an intuitive who connects with the faeries of every region, she has extensively walked the sacred sights of Ireland. She has connected with the Faery Beings there and has awakened the memory of co-creating with them in her own heart.

She seeks to bring this experience to us so that we can all touch that magical space. Her light will help to open doorways to other realms of enchantment and love.

Rev. Cindy Fuller

Inner Quest Church

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