Magical Life Mastery part 1

4 week series: Tuesdays at 7-9pm, Oct 23-Nov 13

Ready to welcome the magic of life into your everyday world?

Desire to deeply connect with the sacred and set your life and the world around you ablaze with magic?

Ever feel like you’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible for you and your relationship with nature, but unsure how to tap into the wisdom and potential that lies at your fingertips, within your own heart, and all around you at just a stone’s throw away?

And maybe sometimes you’re even a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed by the growing chaos and environmental issues you’re observing and wonder what you can really do about it all?

Join me in my upcoming 4 week series: Magical Life Mastery to discover how to re-enchant your world, unlock your inner inner forces and re-empower your life when you take an exploration into the sacred Earth Mysteries.

More than just some techniques, this program offers a living practice to get you operating from heart awakened consciousness (it’s a thing, I promise 😉 ) and discover the potent medicine born from partnering with the inner realms of the Earth as allies. As you do, you begin to heal the deepest parts of yourself and unlock your own inner magic and light to be a blessing to the world around you as you bring that expanded way of seeing and experiencing life into your everyday reality.

photographer: Karrie Bos

Because you don’t have to be “special” – you just have to answer the call…

Diomira connects you to your sacred inner ecosystem. Not only do you know yourself better at the end of her program but you know how to harmonize with other beings of light who can guide you even deeper into yourself and the planet. Now is the time to remember this ancient wisdom and not only awaken your own magic but create a better place for all living things! Jessican Naim

Human EvoProject

Because you don’t have to be clairvoyant or anything like that (even though you are <3 ) to let the magic of the invisible realms of the Earth catalyze your potential. It’s really so much simpler than that (thank goodness!).

In this series, I give you fun, exciting, and VERY doable, step-by-step instruction to:

  • Create heart-awakened reality to re-enchant your life, feel more energized and truly come alive in a world that all too often feels over logical and overwhelmingly chaotic. 
  •  Connect and embody the sacredness in the world within and around you, and reclaim comfiness in your own skin!
  • Ignite and fine-tune your inner senses to communicate (I mean REALLY!) with the spirits of the land, trees, plants and animals. Discover their medicine and YOURS!
  • Get the convo started with your sacred allies and other energetic support as you create and hold sacred space in both the seen and unseen worlds.
  • Discover why Faery magic (Not Tinker Bell or any airy fairy nonsense; I am talking about an energy that is ancient and a part of all of us…hmm) + heart wisdom is the radical and oh-so-effective solution to personal and planetary healing we all might be looking for.
When: The four week series will held on Tuesdays, Oct. 23-Nov 13 from 7-9pm
Where: The Rockfish Vally Community Center in Nellysford
Investment: $250 for the entire series

Or if you want to learn more join me for a free talk on Tuesday, Oct 9th from 7-8:30pm at the RVCC. Learn more here

Here’s a play by play of each week:

Week 1 - Oct 23rd Awaken: Your Heart is Where It's At!

We start in week one, laying a strong foundation with awakening the heart in a very powerful and very ancient way. Awaken and realign with the heartbeat of the Earth Mother. Once the heart awakens, you can get the convo started with your team of sacred allies and begin to foster a relationship with the spirit realm.


  • Learn a simple meditation technique that can ground you in your body and awaken you to the living magic of the Earth.
  • Discover 3 easy techniques to step into the flow of life – (you know, like when everything seems to be aligned).
  • Experience perceiving life from the heart – in an awakened reality that will make you feel totally connected, alive and infused with life force.
Week 2 Oct. 30 - Heal: The Crystal Connection

This week you’re going to activate your sacred senses and come into deep heart-awakened relationship with nature, starting by working with the mineral kingdom. And not in any New Age way (no memorizing of their properties or programming them!) Not only that, but you will also come away having started the convo with your spirit allies too!


  • Discover the #1 pitfall holding you back from an open line of communication with the invisible realms of spirit and uncover how to actually cultivate a relationship with the spirit realm
  • Learn to work with the crystal peeps as real conscious beings that you can partner with to learn about one another.
  • Experience the healing power of sacred communion with the mystical forces of nature and the unseen allies that reside in the heart of plants, minerals and animals.
Week 3 Nov 6 - Enchant: The Secret of the Trees
Now in our third week together, you’re going to re-enchant your life with the trees! Learn to relate to these ancient beings in a whole new way that may just change more than your next walk in the forest!

  • Work with the trees as allies to help you restore your sacred memory.
  • Uncover powerful key codes within a very ancient myth that unlock the mystery of relationship between humanity, the trees and faery (no, not Tinker Bell – something much, much older and more powerful than that!).
  • Connect with the trees on a soul level to understand the map of wisdom they’ve given to us as a way to begin to bridge heaven on Earth – time to get this Earth Party started.
  • Discover the secret to oracular insight when you uncover the Rings of Time stored inside the tree rings.
Week 4 Nov 13 - Reveal: Sacred Story & Faery Wisdom
We are really kicking things up a notch this last week!

  • Discover journey work as a sacred technique to commune with other realms that touch ours as well as reveal your own soul’s secrets to support you in your Earth walk at this time!
  • Journey to meet a Faery power and guardian of an ancient body of wisdom.
  • Explore the powerful alchemy of myth and storytelling as a way to uncover your inner truth.
  • Participate in a powerful ceremony for creation and intention setting.
I didn’t know anything about Faeries before enrolling in the Magical Life Mastery Program and I must say that it’s one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever offered to myself. Diomira is a wonderful and truly gifted teacher, she has guided us step by step and does an amazing job bridging our reality to the Faery realm. She helped me believe in my own power and acknowledge my true essence. Her knowledge and wisdom is really impressive and her love for the Elemental world is genuinely precious and contagious. Since the beginning of the course, my connectivity, intuition and manifestation abilities have hugely improved and my life is taking a new turn. I really feel like I’ve stepped into the light and for the first time of my life, I’m seeing the path ahead. Owning my power, it’s only the beginning! Thank you Diomira! Johanie

Montreal, Canada

Hi! I’m Diomira! And for years I just knew there was more to life than what I could see, feel and access. I had no idea how, though. And at times, I even felt overwhelmed and burdened by what I saw in the world around me. Not wanting to “escape,” I was determined to make a difference! But often my efforts felt like an uphill battle.

But when I finally unlocked the magic and potential of partnering with the invisible realms of nature all that changed. I had always known my purpose had to do with bridging worlds – peoples of different walks of life. But it’s also about helping people awaken their relationship with the Earth – both the seen and unseen realities that co-exist here on our beloved planet. I’d love to offer that gift to YOU!

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