Welcome to our Sacred Scotland Dragon Series

In celebration of our upcoming 2019 Faery Light Journey: Sacred Scotland September 15-22, we are so delighted and honored to offer a series of FREE classes to help you connect into the energies of this sacred journey. If you are contemplating this journey and want to know more or if you are curious about all the buzz, we invite you to join us in these informative classes, transmissions and sacred teachings. 

 Dragon Class Series 

Part 1: Discover the Dragon

Do these ancient beings call to you now? Uncover the secrets of the dragons including who they are, why they are here now and what they have to do with you at this time. 

Part 2: Harness the Power of Sacred Sites

Feeling the pull from sacred sites? Want to know why these ancient places might be calling you NOW? Discover the role sacred sites play in the big picture reality + the Gaia Plan that is unfolding at this time. PLUS…Uncover the power of sacred sites to transform your life + how answering the call from them could awaken your sacred role as light worker and activate your soul magic fully.

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