I tossed and turned Friday night as I lay in bed wide awake. Alive with energy as if I had just awoken from a rejuvenating nap, I wondered if I would ever fall asleep. It had been the evening of the concert, and Faerie Elaine Silver was wonderful. I had enjoyed listening to her immensely, her voice was like a delicate yet powerful spell that transported me on enchanted wings of light. Tomorrow would be the first official day of the festival, and I needed to get some sleep.

I closed my eyes for what seemed like the thousandth time, praying that this time would be Heart Lightdifferent. Well, it was different, but not in the way I was expecting. Having suddenly become acutely aware of the presence of large looming beings, I followed their energy as they circled around at the base of our cabin. While their energy was not particularly frightening, it was oddly unusual and not an energy signature with which I was familiar. I attuned to them more fully, sending out a greeting of love. Their energy was uncanny, and it took several minutes to get a read. I became fascinated with this “new” being and yearned to understand who or what they were. Then my vision of them came into focus. I saw the dark golden hairs on their bodies that seemed to interpenetrate the dimensions…Sasquatch! There must have been at least seven of them. They moved in a circular pattern seemingly around our cabin, but perhaps their circle was much wider; it’s hard to say. 

I couldn’t understand their language, nor do I know if they spoke. It seemed as if their movement itself was the language. I knew these were inter-dimensional beings and it appeared one of the main portals that they use to travel between the worlds was in that area. Perhaps they felt the high concentration of light from all of the lightworkers gathered there, and they came to check it out. 

Moments later I sensed a flux in the field as several High Faery beings made their presence known to me. They stood at the edge of a certain area of light, one which only they knew and understood its borders. I saw they carried a flame with them. As I placed my attention on the flame, they became aware of me. Then the flame changed its color. Something shifted. That was the last thing I recall before drifting off to sleep…. 

To Be Continued…


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