Taking a warm soothing sip of tea, I settled into my morning meditation. I needed to prepare for the day ahead, and so I grounded and attuned to the energies of the land. Having finished my centering process, Earth Sky Attunement, I started to reach for my nearly empty teacup. No sooner had I retrieved it than a fairly large being sat down before me. Holding a teacup of his own, he tipped his top hat to me in greeting.

A guide of mine, I recognized him suddenly. 

He questioned me quite mysteriously about those faery beings on the edge of the forest that I had met the night before. I assured him that we had not met, only “brushed in passing.” 

“Ahh…” he said. Whatever that was supposed to mean. After a while, he took another sip of his “tea,” whether he did so for sheer amusement or if he was actually enjoying an ethereal beverage, I do not know.

Then he started glowing. An opalescent light filled his form and, as if he had transfigured before my eyes, I recognized him as I had not before.

A famous “go-between” from the 17th century (who I shall not name, but you can guess), he sat staring at me intensely. Previously I had only identified him as one of my guides connected with the Faery Realm. Now it was as if the veil had been lifted from my eyes – for I then understood that those High Faeries who I had been aware of last night, were not all High Faeries – not completely, anyway. Some of them were indeed “go-betweens” – beings that were once human but upon death (or before sometimes) they entered the Faery realm and remained with the Gentle Folk. And they aren’t just doing it for the fun of it, but working to expand planetary consciousness through Faery and Human partnership!

Then Merlin appeared. But that is a story for another time.

Do be patient, for I feel the cauldron of light brewing. Soon it will spill over, and all will be revealed. But one can never be certain on matters pertaining to timing when dealing with the inner realms. 


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