I hope this message finds you sparkling delightfully with a spring in your step. I want to share with you my new Faery Light School Retreat I am offering in the fall. I am really excited about it for so many reasons. I spent a great deal of time in the Cave of Winter these past six months where I dreamt the Dream of the Earth. The Faeries sang softly. The whispers of these Shining Ones mediate the light within and without, and their lulling melodies informed me of the patterns of light that are unfolding within the Earth. Infused with light frequencies, pulsing patterns of color that held the vision of Heaven on Earth, their songs activated within me symbols and codes that once were closed. Their Wisdom Teachings danced through me; they were the same, and yet they were different. 
From these new patterns of light, I emerged with a Faery Light curriculum like never before. Having been remade in the image of the New Earth, the new format is a matrix of extraordinary luminescence that allows the new light geometries to flow through as the activities and processes in this program. Elevated and of a more pristine quality, the design contains higher octaves that correspond with the New Earth.
I present to you: Faery Light Healing Mentorship (See here for details)

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