Sleeping Beauty: The Deep Faery Mysteries Revealed

The sun begins to set outside, and dusk sets in like a twilight veil, stirring something deep within your heart and soul. You curl up in your favorite chair, the warmth of the newly lit fire in the fireplace a decadent comfort. The blaze sizzles, a hypnotic crackle...

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The Power of Avalon Revealed

  I stood atop the looming hill. Heart pounding in my chest and ears, I could hear the voice of the Otherworld call to me. I had climbed up here as if my life had depended on it — and maybe it had…. I dug my feet into the earth at the precipice, seeking some false...

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4 Myths about Faeries and How to Avoid Them

4 Myths about Faeries and How to Avoid Them Ever felt your soul sing in delight upon hearing about Faeries? Do you secretly guard and protect your “silly” belief in these beings? Maybe you’ve even had the luck of an otherworldly or mystical Faery experience, and so...

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Know Thy Inner Dragon

You know I love challenging some of these outmoded New-agey ideas. So let’s unpack this one together, shall we? “Send love to the situation.”  or “Send that person love.”  Ever heard this New Age solution to anything that upsets you or gets you out of sorts? Does it...

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Snake Medicine: Restore Your Boundaries

  Have you ever wondered about the power of the snake? Why do YOU think the snake bites? For the longest time, I believed the snake bites for protection. Today I learned otherwise. Nearing the end of an intensive program I've been teaching about  dragon power and...

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Sacred Senses and Psychic Abilities – Do you have them?

The coveted question: Am I psychic? Or Do I have intuitive gifts? Well, the answer is VERY simple: YES! Now how could I possibly know that YOU, the reader, are psychic? Well, let me share a little secret: EVERYONE IS! That’s right. Finally a rule with no exceptions...

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Trees: A Powerful Ally in Times of Chaos

  As I look outside my window I see peace: The snow is still offering a light layer of cover, and yet it does not prevent the blades of grass from peaking through here and there. Strong and bare are the trees that stand, waving in the sudden gusts of wind, inviting us...

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Enjoy the Magic of Solstice Season

  Can you feel the season’s palpable magic calling to your heart and soul? Or has the chaos of the holidays got you frazzled? It's easy to feel pulled in a million different directions this time of year. I experienced my own little tug of war this holiday season. For...

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Are You Overriding Your Intuition?

    Intuition is the hot topic right now. To hear or not to hear...that is the question. We can't seem to figure out if it's our yapping mind or the Still Small Voice Within aka Ms. Intuition that's trying to get a word in. So how can you know if you are overriding...

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