Too Stuck to Move? Or Too Stuck NOT to Move?

I've got no idea WHAT to say or write - should I just wait until an idea pops before I take action?    I struggle with these stories ALL THE TIME.   Yes, I’m the girl who writes blogs regularly; who has written and published two fun, heart-opening books; who has...

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Craving a Sense of Belonging?

  I promised to share my secret touch to up-level your sense of belonging and connection almost 100x. It's so easy, and I would NEVER live somewhere without doing it. Ever feel disconnected from your own life? I've totally been there! Tired of swaying in the breeze of...

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Remembering Avalon: A Faery Light Work Mission

  It’s 7:00 am and my last morning in England. A cup of tea in hand (which I’ve grown to quite like) and a spectacular view of the castle here in Windsor, I find myself reflecting on all the sweet magic and synchronicities of the last 8 days. This was an incredible...

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Quest of the Holy Grail: My 24-hour Holy Hell Initiation

  How does one undergo their own quest of the Holy Grail? For me, the Grail manifested itself in my life as a sped up, supercharged initiation that was compounded into a 24-hour holy shit experience of ego refinement that totally triggered, uprooted and illuminated...

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The Summer of Winter and the Death of Rebirth

  Faery Light is in the death ebb of winter. I stood upon the banks of a lazy river, and like an image slowly coming into focus, these words seemed to be carried slowly, bit by bit, by the slow-moving current. As the full understanding of the realization dawned, a...

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When DEATH is the only answer

Death?! Golly! I mean really, Diomira? Must you be so morbid? Can we not talk about “happy things” -- airy-fairy ideas and light-filled lively teachings that inspire us? Death is a doorway of transformation, and to avoid it is to never fully come into relationship...

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Sleeping Beauty: The Deep Faery Mysteries Revealed

The sun begins to set outside, and dusk sets in like a twilight veil, stirring something deep within your heart and soul. You curl up in your favorite chair, the warmth of the newly lit fire in the fireplace a decadent comfort. The blaze sizzles, a hypnotic crackle...

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The Power of Avalon Revealed

  I stood atop the looming hill. Heart pounding in my chest and ears, I could hear the voice of the Otherworld call to me. I had climbed up here as if my life had depended on it — and maybe it had…. I dug my feet into the earth at the precipice, seeking some false...

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4 Myths about Faeries and How to Avoid Them

  4 Myths about Faeries and How to Avoid Them Ever felt your soul sing in delight upon hearing about Faeries? Do you secretly guard and protect your “silly” belief in these beings? Maybe you’ve even had the luck of an otherworldly or mystical Faery experience, and so...

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