Too Stuck to Move? Or Too Stuck NOT to Move?

I've got no idea WHAT to say or write - should I just wait until an idea pops before I take action?    I struggle with these stories ALL THE TIME.   Yes, I’m the girl who writes blogs regularly; who has written and published two fun, heart-opening books; who has...

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Message from Fairy Glen

Took this video for you all at Fairy Glen in Skye. In it I share the story of how I came to find this place and why this experience was sad, unique and magical all at once. Hope you can hear me - the winds and rain were insane 🤪🌪🌧💦🌫...

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Remembering Avalon: A Faery Light Work Mission

  It’s 7:00 am and my last morning in England. A cup of tea in hand (which I’ve grown to quite like) and a spectacular view of the castle here in Windsor, I find myself reflecting on all the sweet magic and synchronicities of the last 8 days. This was an...

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The Summer of Winter and the Death of Rebirth

  Faery Light is in the death ebb of winter. I stood upon the banks of a lazy river, and like an image slowly coming into focus, these words seemed to be carried slowly, bit by bit, by the slow-moving current. As the full understanding of the realization dawned,...

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When DEATH is the only answer

Death?! Golly! I mean really, Diomira? Must you be so morbid? Can we not talk about “happy things” -- airy-fairy ideas and light-filled lively teachings that inspire us? Death is a doorway of transformation, and to avoid it is to never fully come into relationship...

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Sleeping Beauty: The Deep Faery Mysteries Revealed

The sun begins to set outside, and dusk sets in like a twilight veil, stirring something deep within your heart and soul. You curl up in your favorite chair, the warmth of the newly lit fire in the fireplace a decadent comfort. The blaze sizzles, a hypnotic crackle...

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The Power of Avalon Revealed

  I stood atop the looming hill. Heart pounding in my chest and ears, I could hear the voice of the Otherworld call to me. I had climbed up here as if my life had depended on it — and maybe it had…. I dug my feet into the earth at the precipice, seeking some...

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