I absolutely LOVE fall!

The colors of the foliage sets my heart a-singing; the crunch of leaves beneath my feet on a walkabout in the forest makes me feel like a kid; not to mention the delicious seasonal faire in a foodie’s heaven – I can tell you I am obsessed with homemade apple cinnamon porridge and roasted butternut squash right now!

But perhaps MOST of all, here in the northern hemisphere, this is a time when the veil between the worlds wanes ever so thin.

Now you might think that sounds like the start of a good old-fashioned story. But I can assure you what I am about to share is as real as ever! And it requires only one thing – that you do your best to slow down and drop into the still small voice of the heart space within. For that is truly the beginning of all things magic!

Stopping just long enough to listen, you feel the palpable magic that pervades the atmosphere – magic that you can’t quite put a name to, but there’s no question about it – it’s definitely there!

So you can feel it – but how the heck do you access it, connect with it or work with it in a meaningful and powerful way?

Well, there are doorways into the Otherworld and lucky for you, now is the time when they lay wide open for you to easily connect with the Spirit world of ancestors, Faeries and guardian ally spirits if you so choose.

But you have to know where these entrance points lie…

That’s why I’m so excited to share a free gift with you!

A talk about Faery + Human Partnership I did during this time just last year! At the end of the talk, I share a POWERFUL MEDITATION to help you create a point of contact and connect with the Faery world.

I’ve heard from SO many people how profound this meditation journey was for them, producing all kinds of wonderful visions, messages, insights and MORE!

This talk is from The Faery Allies Telesummit produced by Kim Wilborn, and in it I share about a certain Celtic Faery myth being an access point for us into these realms. Enjoy!

Lots of love and a whole heck of a lot of magic!


P.S. The talk and meditation is a free gift I’m sharing with you!

If you’re curious about Kim’s amazing and powerful event The Faery Allies Telesummit that I mentioned, you can check it out here:

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