Hi there!

It’s been a long minute since I’ve introduced myself here. My name is Diomira and I want to give a big hug and welcome to anyone who is new to this space. You know there are NO accidents, and I can’t wait for the BIG reveal about why our paths have crossed at this time.

Now about me, well, I’m Faery Soul who has remembered (um…yes, I did just say that ??‍♀️) And so I help others remember too. It’s really that simple. Now you might ask, Remember what exactly? The thing is, Gaia? is a multidimensional being (like all of us) and as her sacred ecology includes a whole community of beings both seen and unseen. ⠀

On the physical level, there are humans, plants, animals, minerals…but just beyond the veil of what the physical eye can usually see exists a whole multitude of life forms ??‍♀️?‍♀️??‍♀️?nature spirits, elemental forces, Faery people or Sidhe, ancestor spirits and so many more… – And it’s your birthright and destiny to live a FaeryLight life where u live in pure magic + connect + co-create with these realms. 

Luckily, a new day has dawned where the veil between our worlds is dissolving. And so now it’s up to us to remember who we are – REALLY and take our place in the co-creative dance within Gaia’s dream.

And that’s where I come in – About forever ago, I created Faery Light Mystery School – and together we (the energies of FLMS and I) offer deeply immersive programs and Faery Light journeys to places on the planet that have called for us to come. Why? Well, usually it’s because the beings and land there are ripe for co-creation with humanity.

The Faery Light Mystery School offers a magical blueprint for unlocking the Faery Mysteries that can change your life and the way you interact with the world around you. It’s a soul awakening that leads to an activation of your purpose and power and wakes up the dormant codes within you that help you remember who you are and remember how to be the one that once walked and worked with these realms – something as natural as waking up, breathing or blinking your eyes.

If you’d like to connect to talk and see if you’d like to work together, then grab a time here: the link to a Faery Light Discovery call 

Looking forward to learning more about you and seeing how I might best serve you on your journey of Faery Soul Awakening.

The next Faery Light journey will be a retreat in my soul’s home in Avalon, which I can’t wait to share with you.  The Avalon retreat is open to apply, June 7 – 13, 2020.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you – Have you heard the call of Gaia to “come home” and get to know her magic once again?

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