Do you ever feel alone?

I certainly have.

Believe me, there was a time when I was nearly convinced I was one of the strangest humans on the planet. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt the sharp cold pangs of rejection.

For being different. For experiencing life in a unique way. For being interested in tarot cards and astrology when my so-called friends were interested in shopping, fashion and famous people (high school was a challenge most def).

I dreamed that somehow I would have a purpose to my weirdness. And that maybe there were others out there who would understood because maybe they were just a little bit more like me.

It wouldn’t be until many years later as an adult – that I would discover who I really was and the gifts of magic that I had to share with the world.

And looking back, one of the most CRUCIAL ingredients to my awakening journey was, hands down, COMMUNITY.

Pretty early on, I was blessed to find a safe place to call my spiritual home. And while there are no accidents in the Universe, I feel that it was what made all the difference.

Because having the right community and spiritual home can be the make it or break it component of your spiritual unfoldment.

It’s why some people start awakening when they’re younger – in their early 20s. And then suddenly they shut down.

Often times they hear the call again as it comes back ‘round in their mid to late thirties. And again without the right support system in place, it’s like a dud, starting out with a sizzle and a pop, but soon fizzles out.

The last call will often come in the form of a spiritual 2×4 in the noggin much later in life.

Can you remember when your call came? Did it nudge you gently or knock you upside the head?

Whenever it came, I want you to know that with Faery Light, you too have a supportive community just like the one I had so long ago.

Faery Light is more than a school that teaches empowering courses (although they are magical and life-changing);

It’s more than a healing center that helps you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck and reveal your blind spots;

And it’s definitely more than just a cool Facebook page with some ultra high vibe images in a noisy online space…

Faery Light is a magical and safe community:

  • To uncover your gifts of magic and your unique expression that you’ve come here to share with the world….

  • Where it’s okay to explore your spiritual journey with a proper dose of humor and share all of the enchantment, synchronicities and even surreal happenings with an open heart….
  • That makes you feel like you’re part of something and that you do belong – if to nothing else – then to yourself.

And I’m so grateful you’re a part of it!

So do tell, when did you hear the call? Let me know in the FB group. It’s where all the conversation happens!

Lots of love and magic to you,


P.S. So last week, when I had a totally fun, multi-dimensional convo via FB Live, I was reminded of the power of community. Anne (my team member extraordinaire) and I had a blast connecting with so many of you! To feel your presence and your light meant the world to us. And your comments let us know that what we were talking about resonated deeply with you. It’s times like that I remember – I am not alone. And neither are you.

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