“We all want magic! And we sometimes think that magic is just the trick of hand or making something disappear. But what about the magic of feeling so good and so empowered that you can effect change in your life?!” – Betty Estremera, Light Worker and Dragon Priestess of Faery Light

I don’t know about you, but before I started out on this path of working with the Faery realm I was as curious as a cat about it all. I mean, sure, I always “believed” Faeries were there – I mean I just knew they HAD to be! But actually seeing them, talking to them, communing with the spirit of a tree for example, or something as otherworldly as working with them to help someone heal – now that was all totally beyond what I ever thought possible for me in my life.

Now that I actually live a life where I experience this magical reality on the reg, I can’t stop talking about it!

But I know that sometimes you probably can’t help but wonder if I’m just special or some one-off case.

Well, I want you to know that this is not only possible for YOU, but anyone can do it!

But don’t take it from me! Instead grab some popcorn and a cup of tea, because in today’s episode I’m talking with a very special guest: Betty Estremera, who is going to share her journey through Faery Light. Join us for some juicy details of how walking this path has changed her life!

In this heart-opening and totally juicy conversation you’ll hear all about:

-The one thing that someone said to her years ago that started it all!

-A pivotal moment when it became REAL for her (from book learning to IRL).

-The insider’s scoop on a powerful and mystical practice – what it was like to experience something that was both otherworldly AND real!

-Why she does Light work and what prepared her to do it (HINT: it’s not because she wants to “save the world”).

-More than just connecting with the spirit realm, there’s another huge part to this work – find out what it is!

-Two of the biggest challenges she’s run into in this work (and believe me, she ain’t alone in this!).

Let us know in the comments below the video what was your favorite part of this discussion! We can’t wait to hear!

Faery Adventures with Betty Estremera

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to do our Facebook Live as originally planned. So we improvised and recorded our interview on Zoom instead! Please join Betty Estremera and me for a juicy and insightful conversation about all things Faery, and also to learn about all of the support that's available for YOU right now!

Posted by Diomira D'Agostino - Faery Light Mystery School on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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