Sitting in meditation and morning prayer, I began the Earth/Sky Attunement. Immediately something different occurred. AHeart Light beautiful descending light poured over me, while simultaneously a powerful ascending energy entered my feet. It was the two beautiful energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky intermingling. What was so different is that normally I initiate this process by sending my love, first to Mother Earth, and then to Father Sky. They did not wait for me this time. My heart opened in gratitude for the blessing and outpouring of love that I felt in that moment. And suddenly, the download for the Thanksgiving message came:

    Thanksgiving. Oftentimes, and over the course of a long time, we tend to forget why certain traditions are practiced or from where they originated. While looking to the past can certainly help us glean insight into the significance of a certain event or tradition, perhaps it is the a willingness to expand our current relationship with something that truly holds the key to lifting to a new level of awareness.

Originally Thanksgiving Day was a celebratory feast that took place between nations in 1621. However the feast represented more than an abundance of food – the feast celebrated the generosity of the Native Americans toward the early European settlers. The Native Americans gave of their wisdom of the land freely. They taught the settlers what to grow, what local plants to eat and which were poisonous. Without this knowledge, the settlers would have surely perished. The settlers threw a feast as an act of gratitude for all that they had and all that they, in partnership with the Native Americans, had overcome.

How can we expand our vision of Thanksgiving, Faery Light-style? Perhaps we can all relate to the idea of gratitude for what we have – the food on our table, the friends in our lives, our family…but could we expand this gratitude out further to that which is largely unseen? Our Spirit family is ever near. Each of us has a team of angels, guides and teachers that support us every step of the way. We don’t have to stop there, however. As we open our hearts, we see there is support all around us. The Earth Mother offers up her blessings unceasingly to the children of the Earth. Without her body and her generous heart, we would have nothing in the physical. Everything we have has come of her – our food, our furniture, the cars we drive, the crystals we love to have and hold, our beds and pillows, our pets – absolutely everything comes from her body. Perhaps tomorrow we might think of her.

Thanksgiving is essentially the last “harvest festival” of the year, when we, along with the Wise Woman, enter the Cave of the Ancestors to begin to dream. We dream a dream with the Earth and all her children – the humans, the animals and the faeries. Largely unseen, the faeries work tirelessly to support the Earth in her growth and transformation. They hold the dream of eternal paradise within their hearts until we, too, can remember once again. And that is something for which we can be eternally grateful.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I choose to come into a new relationship with this tradition. While I will forever honor the past and what was, I now root deeply in the power of the Present where I celebrate in joyful gratitude an alliance both new and old. Let Thanksgiving Day be a feast to honor a co-creative partnership between two nations once again. This Thanksgiving Day let us celebrate a deepening connection between the human and faery races working together for the highest good. Now isn’t that something to be grateful for?

Faery Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!



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