Journey to one of the most sacred places in Europe – Ireland. Visit Grange Stone Circle, the largest stone circle in Ireland.  Tour the Hill of Tara, which is said to represent The Mother Womb of Ireland – the most sacred place of them all – where the Ancient Ones conducted rites, and where Irish monarchs were crowned. Tour Belfast and learn about the city’s fascinating times during what is called the “Troubles.” Enjoy the beauty of the stunning North Antrim Coast and Ireland’s favorite giant, Finn McCool. Visit the huge Knocknarea cairn, said to be the grave of the legendary Queen Maeve. All this and more as ancient & mystical Ireland awaits you!

We would love for you to join our Meditative experience as we connect with a world that created our own. We will touch the land and ancient energies, and allow our love to close the circle of Peace.
By Cindy Fuller

Trip Tour Hosts, Rev. Cindy Fuller and Rev. Patrick Abent. Plus Special Guide Diomira D’Agostino

Rev Cindy Fuller, spiritual leader has dedicated her life to following God.  A gifted psychic, healer and teacher, she and Rev. Patrick Abent co-founded Inner Quest Church, a spiritual path which incorporates metaphysical principles with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Patrick Abent, also a healer and teacher, is a pioneer in the field of vibrational healing. Together they have worked for over 24 years, creating a church of love and a space of “heaven on earth.”

Special Guide and acting Faery Ambassador- Diomira D’Agostino, an intuitive who connects with the faeries of every region, has extensively walked the sacred sights of Ireland. She has connected with the Faery Beings there and has awakened the memory of co-creating with them in her own heart. She seeks to bring this experience to you so that we can all touch that magical space. Her light will help to open doorways to other realms of enchantment and love.


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