I just kept asking myself over and over, Is everything I’m doing, offering aligned with my soul?

I’d been questioning by life, my business, the direction of Faery Light and our work in the world, everything for days, even weeks now. 

Does it feel good and exciting? Do I feel passion and purpose-filled?

Because I don’t know about you, but I HAVE to feel purpose and meaning in what I do, even if it’s only for me.

So I took a good hard look at Faery Light and how it was expressing in the world. I wanted to get real honest with myself and see – am I just doing it because I “believe it’s my work, my responsibility?

Has it become a burden on me? (Because…ahem…nobody likes a martyr! I reminded myself)

Have I become so committed and focused on trying to share the message of Faery Light in a way that others can “hear” it and benefit from it that I’ve lost sight of what sets my soul on fire? (And you better believe I got on my high horse about how tired I am trying to explain myself to people LOL).

But then I got off the high horse, and I went deep. I even went back to the beginning – where it all began (or so I think…). And I didn’t emerge until I had my answers. At least enough of a picture to gain some semblance of clarity and peace around this.

Here’s what I uncovered:

I’d always seen Faery Light as my soul’s expression. But the other day I think I finally understood something (maybe for the first time) at a very deep cellular level:

Throughout Time my soul has cultivated a deep, intimate and masterfully co-creative partnership with Gaia that it has refined over the aeons, ever since arriving here on the planet.

Pondering and feeling into this most intimate truth I could feel the lineage of Otherworld beings – the Sidhe, the Elvens, the dragons …and many others who I don’t talk about as much. 

Through my tears I could see, but I could also actually feel physically the whole community of beings. And I realized then that the way I experience this community of inner worlds, actually doesn’t always convey in my communications, shares, blogs, posts or even videos.

So to clarify, when I experience them, they are as real as you and me. They are not in my mind or in a vision (although I have experienced this too).

And I don’t have to “journey” to connect with them (although I still do sometimes. And I definitely used to BTW a lot – almost everyday for years – as I was awakening and remembering).

I experience them as people (albeit other species, not human, but nonetheless people) that I can  commune with in my everyday life.  And lean on for their support. Just as they also lean on me. They are my teachers, just as I am theirs. Together we learn and grow and remember.
If I think back, it’s been years since I started experiencing them like this. Not in my mind’s eye or through a journey. But next to me, with me. Like a friend, a companion. The level of intimacy varies with each one, each relationship is so different and unique.
Sometimes I can even feel them holding my hand. Not for them. (Because I don’t think they hold hands). But for me. For they have learned the customs of our people, just as I seek to REMEMBER and impart their customs to others.
One of them held my hand today. Not to tell me everything was going to be all right. But to let me know that I wasn’t alone. And never had been. There is a whole support system. Not just for me, but each of us as we are a part of a multidimensional community.
And they aren’t just here as “my guides” to support me. They are not “guides” in the human ego-centric way that is has come to be spoken about in the New Age community. They are friends, allies, partners that CHOOSE to support me as I have supported them and their interests and causes because we have a relationship and share mutual interest.

I once again I feel excited, joyful, invigorated and most of all inspired around who and what I am:

An ambassador and ally for the Otherworld of Gaia and Faery

This knowing is what emerged during this cave period of soul-searching. This is the energetic medicine that my soul truly seeks to share and radiate out into the world at this time:

To convey and create an extraordinary experience of co-creative community with the Otherworld, and the spiritual layers of Gaia’s sacred ecology.

Will you join me in this beautiful work and expression this year?

Honoring and appreciating you. This is such deep and beautiful work. Thank you for being on this journey of exploring and partnering with the inner world of Faery on Gaia.

Love, Diomira

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