Some of you have asked, who are the Faeries really?

And what in the heck is the difference between this one or that one?

Perhaps you have kept the questions to yourself, wondering but not daring to ask, for fear the spell of magic might break?

Or maybe you believe you should already know this stuff, and you’d rather not stick your neck out and say you’re confused about it all?

It’s only natural to wonder about this realm. After all, no one teaches us these things anymore.

Also quite understandable is the curiosity about all the different names we see these beings listed by. Fairy dictionary, anyone?

So are Faeries and nature spirits the same? Is one more important than another? What about this word “Sidhe?” Or Elves? (I can assure you an exhaustive internet search can leave you quite confused).

And for goodness sakes, if you’re trying to connect with them, how on earth can you know which it is you might want to make contact with?

When I was 12 I found a book about working with Faery Folk. This was a significant moment for me because, for the first time, I had encountered someone other than my mother and myself who spoke about these beings as something more than mere fantasy. The author was approaching them as if they were REAL.

I consumed its pages and there at the end was (in my opinion the bane of the Faery world) a glossary of terms used to name the many different kinds of beings in existence (according to the author).

I scanned the pages, overwhelmed. Could all these beings really populate the Faery world? If so, what was the difference?

My head spun as I read through the columns of names. The line of text next to each term was mostly a physical description. For some, an element was associated with the type of faery (you know, earth, air, fire, water….). To me, even as a child, something about labeling them in this way felt sterile, inaccurate and wrong. How can you place a box around something of the spirit realm? I knew these beings were no more physical than the spirits of the ancestors. Yet, here the focus seemed to be on scarcely more.

The truth is, our minds like to categorize, analyze and label. It brings us some sort of comfort and a false sense of control to create order in a world where chaos often rules. But the truth is, in our world things are rarely so neatly defined. In the spirit world, they NEVER are.

Unsatisfied, I closed the book. And although it left me disappointed, the book had ignited something within me. I would find the answers to the questions that, until that moment, I didn’t know I’d had. Determined, I set out on a decades long journey to find the truth.

Watch this video clip from one of my recent talks where I share with you a summary (by no means exhaustive) of:

– who and what the Faery beings really are.
– the difference between nature spirits and Faeries.
– An ancient myth – and like most, it hold nuggets of truth like breadcrumbs scattered about for us to find at a time when we have all but forgotten.

In this video clip, I share a lot of what I’ve learned along the way. But most of all, I share with you what I’ve remembered. Watch the video and together let’s Set the Faery Record Straight.

Then leave a comment and let me know what your biggest takeaway or a-ha was.

Who the Faery People Really Are

So many people are curious about who and what the faeries really are. In fact, while your mind may not have all the answers, many of you have felt your heart stir at the mention of these beings and you may even be feeling a sense of urgency welling up from deep within to answer a call from them…and yet…"who are they?” your mind struggles to make sense of it all. “Are they real? Is any of this? What could magic possibly have to do with a world of computers and technology, political turmoil and divided energy and everyday life on Earth?" The answer…? EVERYTHING. Check out this recent clip to discover who the Faery people really are.

Posted by Diomira D'Agostino - Faery Light Mystery School on Thursday, October 18, 2018

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