While at the FAE festival, not far from where the retreat will be held in September, I had the honor of glimpsing at an even deeper level some of the inter dimensional activities of light that are forming around the upcoming retreat. Merlin has stepped in as an overlighting presence along with several other very powerful and magical beings. Apparently part of an ancient Faery Priesthood – originally of the Atlantian era – Merlin has been working on the inner planes over the last several thousand years. One of the projects he has been overseeing includes the disseminating of the ancient light codes that were part of Avalon’s vision and magic. This is actually a very big conversation,  but it is quite relevant to this upcoming adventure. What is the Faery Priesthood you ask? Well, it was a group of beings – both human and faery – who worked together to co-create expressions of harmony, beauty and light. Most no longer exist on the physical plane, however more and more there are those being called to this work. 

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