I have seen over and over again how much people in the spiritual community struggle with the concept of money. There is almost a belief that money and spirituality are at opposite ends of the spectrum, that money is not spiritual. That’s just not true!

Money can be a powerful tool, and understanding how to proactively use it can open your spiritual experience beyond your wildest dreams.In that context I asked the Faery elders what they had to say about money in general. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for:

A Message from the Faeries about Money

“At the root of money is the potential to bless, honor and transform. It is time to heal your money wounds, and right the wrong that was done this energy. While fraught with the obstacles of your thoughts, beliefs and past, the path to freedom can be entered through the doorway of your relationship to money. Transforming this relationship will set you free!

“For money does not wish to be used to enslave, but to EMPOWER!

“WAITING for the day when money is no longer a form of exchange on Earth will NOT bring about the change you seek; nor will it ever come – for until each of you has stepped through your resistance and avoidance of this energy, it cannot fulfill its original purpose, which was to help you stretch, grow and transcend.

If money could talk, it would ask you what has it done to you to be reviled in such a way? Why must it bear the burden humanity has placed upon it – for it never sought to be misused, feared, or idolized.

“It wishes to come back into relationship with the whole, and only then can it dissolve from whence it came. When you embrace it as energy, as gratitude, as opportunity, and love it back into the light, it can finally complete its cycle of expression upon the Earth.

So if you’re waiting for the Hand of God to disappear money from the land before you’ve had a chance to make peace with it, then you’ll be waiting for a long time.

How to make peace with money? Use money with right attitude, in alignment with divine will and love (hey that’s the stuff you’re made of when you’re in your heart!) AND say YES to something greater than you’ve ever experienced. In this way, money shall fulfill its role as a stepping stone into the Age of Light.”

With that in mind, here is how I would answer the original question, “Do I wait until I have the money before I book my spot, or do I book my spot knowing, trusting, that the money will come?”

Answer: We are not children waiting for the Hand of God to approve and grant us our wishes. We are CO-CREATORS that must TAKE ACTION as an expression of our faith in the universe (and in ourselves).

Indeed there are many ways to embrace, and say YES to money – and even more, to say YES to your own life:

  • Buy a new suit before you have the job.
  • Splurge on an exquisite piece of furniture to go in the house you want to buy.
  • Book a hotel before your boss has approved your time off.

For those of you that have been moved to do something big, powerful and oh-so-terrifying, but are holding back because of money, this may be your opportunity to take action.

This very conflict may be your invitation to heal AND move beyond this self-imposed limitation of money once and for all.

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