So here I am preparing for my Remembering Faery Secrets of Ancient Avalon retreat in sacred Britain, and I’ve been reflecting on the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into executing a spiritual journey of sacred light work.

Whether you want to embark on your own personal spiritual pilgrimage or you’re co-creating a sacred light work mission, there are a lot of magical steps that happen leading up to the journey!

Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at my co-creative Faery Light process:

  1. Feel the inner call – and answer it!
    I always say the job is not given to those that are special, but to those that answer the call. This takes heeding the soft impulses of your inner voice of your soul. For example, I’d been to Britain before many times but I knew it was not time to take a group there. Until about a year ago. Then heart images started welling up within me – I felt a group energy coalesce and saw the sacred sites that were calling to me. Then I received confirmation through synchronicities such as finding a pen with an apple (symbol of Avalon) on it lying in the middle of forest with no one around. 

  2. Tune into the energy + stir the cauldron
    First, I go into my “meeting place meditation” –  a sacred space on the inner planes where I meet and greet the Faery allies. Like a being part of a wise council, my allies and I sit in circle. Joining our circle are other inner world beings from the land I intend to journey to. In the center of the circle, a cauldron of intention and light begins to brew, generating a dream seed of potential. This is the mission that is unfolding. At this point I know the where, maybe the when. But I usually don’t know the how.

  3. Clarify and set YOUR intention
    While it’s important and respectful to act only once a call from the land is felt and permission is given, it’s also of equal importance that inner world work does not become about obedience, but an act of co-creative partnership. So I need to get clear about what I would like to create and what I’d like for my students who will join me to get out of it. So at this point, what I want is also “added to the pot.” 

  4. Take action in the “outer”
    Through planning and design you can make it real in the physical world. I don’t need to have all the answers or know exactly what I/we will be doing. But I do need to start planning the journey: I research information like flights and lodging; I start dreaming of the sites where the group would have a palpable experience of power and magic; using a map, I trace the flow of energy as it turns into an itinerary; I match perfect accommodations and food with the energy of the trip. 

  5. Brick wall says “take a pause” + gain fresh perspective
    When I am envisioning the flow of activities and ceremony, I often will run into a snag where something I want to do is just not jiving. I could try to force it. Or I can take a step back and ask to see it through the eyes of my invisible allies on the inner planes. This often gives me a fresh perspective. A good example – for my Avalon retreat,  I was really attached to Stonehenge at first. But it wasn’t working – the times and transportation and cost were really exorbitant. So I stopped. The truth is, Stonehenge had never really been that powerful for me. I just believed I should do it. Once I gained this awareness, a new possibility unfolded. Wistman’s Wood. A much less frequented spot, the energy here is super easy to tap into and it’s filled with magical beings – dragon, Faery and the like – that have so many stories to share. Stonehenge, I realized, while iconic would not have held this magic and opportunity for my community.

  6. Co-creation – the cauldron bubbles
    I frequently check into the forming bubble of potential that is the divine blueprint of this sacred trip. As each new person comes aboard, that cauldron of energy I mentioned shifts and gets clearer and more defined as a result of the new addition of frequencies, light and intentions of each new person.

  7. Lights, camera, action!
    After months of planning and watching the group soul of the trip form, the moment we all step onto the land, the curtain of the world stage is lifted and the ACT ONE is born. After communing with the land and its sacred inhabitants both seen and unseen, you usually have a pretty good idea of what is being asked. However, you need to get a feel for things before you dive in. Make contact respectfully (hopefully you’ve brought a gift!) and see what’s shaking. It’s best to have few preconceived notions of how you want things to turn out. In a perfect world, I’ve managed to create a perfect balance of powerful planned activities and unplanned space for magic and miracles to unfurl. 

  8. Follow your guidance
    Offer a prayer, do a meditation to go deeper into the energy to see what wants to come forth or when appropriate do a ceremony. Remember this is a co-creative effort – so whether with just you and the unseen beings of the land or with a group, you need to have a collaborative approach.

  9. Have fun!
    Rarely are the inner realms as serious as we take ourselves or make them out to be. If we can’t have fun, what’s the point. Start from a place of love and service and let the Earth party commence!

Now you know the 9 steps I practice from start to finish in any sacred light work mission. Hopefully this gives you a little insight into my world, but also helps inspire you to embark on your own spiritual journey of magic and wonder!

So was this helpful? Let me know which step was most surprising to you in the comments section or in the Facebook group!


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