Wow! These energies are incredible and challenging at the same time. Between the eclipse energies and the Grand Cross stuff is definitely moving and shaking. It is so important to remember to stay centered in these moments. We have to keep our eye on Spirit, and not allow our focus to get stuck in the the outer.

I feel that community is a big piece to this. Creating sacred space where those of like-mindedness can come together to share their hearts and uplift each other. We are still trying to understand what that may come to look like. It is a space where there are no leaders and no followers. In this new Age of Light that we are moving into, each and every person is their own authority and goes into the heart, connects with their own divinity to get answers that are right and true for them. Community is important because sometimes we can help to stimulate something that has already been percolating through conscious gathering.

Nature is another necessary component to help awaken us while trying to maintain balance. It seems so cliche, and yet we still are not completely applying this in our daily lives. We are not separate from Nature. We are one with it, we are it, and until we realize that, not as some mental concept that we say we believe to be true, but completely embody it – become one with it, allow that truth to be infused in every fiber, every atom, every cell of our being – we will continue to operate from polarity consciousness. We must walk it! Become it!

I for one am ready. I am ready to practice this living meditation. I don’t want to just understand it in my head; I seek to own it in my heart. This is not about attending to an interest or dabbling in something new – this is a way of life, a living prayer whereby we awaken to our connection with Nature and walk as fully conscious beings of light every moment of every day.

Let’s all lift and grow together! Let us awaken to our divine birthright! Let us walk in the light. I look at the darkness, and I do not fear, nor shun it. I love it because I know that the darkness has been an amazing teaching tool. Just like a seed that is planted in the darkness of the soil away from the light, it serves as a bed from which to spring forth and aspire toward the light. We are those seeds and we are moving toward the light. We cannot condemn the darkness, though. We must honor its role in the great Divine Plan. As we honor it, we release our aversion to it, and we can grow beyond it. Through non-resistance and love, we become AWAKENED ONES!

I’d like to share some of the things I have going on. I want to communicate this very clearly. I love teaching. But what I do is not really teach. I share. Through sharing it is my hope to activate something within you, within me, that helps us to remember. We don’t have to learn anything. Everything that is, has always been and will always be. Truth is truth. We only have to remember our own truth. Sometimes we have to learn truth through discerning what isn’t true, too. There are many roads and many paths. Eventually they will all lead to the ONE. I honor your walk; I honor my walk. I would be honored if a time comes where our paths cross and we walk together.

With love, respect, and Faery Light!



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