I spent 4 years roaming the underworld – healing, resolving my past, getting to know the lost parts of myself, calling her home. ⠀⠀
But that’s not all I experienced. It’s where I uncovered my deepest magic, my most potent medicine and my greatest elemental power. ⠀

And I’m thinking about all this as I do a deep dive and take a serious inventory of my personal history. ⠀⠀
Truth: I’ve saved every journal I’ve ever written in the past 15 years. I’ve recorded every significant event, dream, vision, journey and interaction with the Faery and spirit world. ⠀⠀
And I’m going thru them all RIGHT NOW. ⠀⠀
Why in the world am I doing this to myself you might ask? ⠀⠀
Bc I knew one day I would be called to write a book about my journey. Not just tidbits, but the whole enchilada – the good, the bad and the embarrassing AF! ⠀⠀
While the stuff I’ve experienced is sometimes so out there it seems unreal, it’s also been deeply powerful, true and possible too. And if there’s anything in my journey that might help you on yours then I want to share it. Things like: ⠀⠀

⠀⠀ ??incredible magical visions that left me excited, shaken, + sometimes even VERY annoyed;
     ?otherworldly encounters that left me wondering if I’d made it all up; ⠀⠀
     ?? relationship debacles that def don’t paint me as enlightened; ⠀⠀
     ????an absurd back and forth almost daily conflict between wanting to know/live my purpose AND being terrified of my own shadow 90% of the time; ⠀⠀
     ??‍♀️navigating the “real world” as a Faery soul on a mission to help awaken the hearts of humanity; ⠀⠀

And through a lot of it, especially in the earlier years, I felt VERY alone. Before the internet, before you could google spiritual teachers, before you could watch a YouTube video on the NewEarth, it was very lonely and I often wondered if I were the only one in the world. ⠀⠀
Even now with spaces like IG and FB and YT, I’m not so sure much has changed. ⠀⠀
So that’s why I’m writing going to write my story. Hopefully it might help or inspire you in some way. Stay tuned I think it’s going to be a journey and a half. I’ll need all the support I can get ????

The Faery Light Mystery School offers a magical blueprint for unlocking the Faery Mysteries that can change your life and the way you interact with the world around you. It’s a soul awakening that leads to an activation of your purpose and power and wakes up the dormant codes within you that help you remember who you are and remember how to be the one that once walked and worked with these realms – something as natural as waking up, breathing or blinking your eyes.

If you’d like to connect to talk and see if you’d like to work together, then grab a time here:
the link to a Faery Light Discovery call 

Looking forward to learning more about you and seeing how I might best serve you on your journey of Faery Soul Awakening.


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