Have you ever gone way past lunch without eating because you were so busy you forgot? Finally hours later you emerge from your “work cave,” suddenly aware of this ravenous beast of hunger that is growling within, demanding to be fed IMMEDIATELY.

I was so caught up in my worldly affairs, I’d been remiss in regularly tuning in to listen to my DEEPEST SELF.

Once that realization had dawned (thanks to Stop, Drop & Roll I became fierce as all hell in my efforts to remedy this situation ASAP. I needed to determine the why (the lesson) and the how (I could shift this to support me instead).

So OPERATION Get My Sh*t Together was a go.

Steps I took:

1. Took a break. (This is the Stop step I referred to in the last blog: Stop, Drop & Roll. If you missed it check it out here)

2. Got honest with what was NOT working: Took a good hard look at my schedule. (Once I “Stopped, Dropped and Rolled,” I knew this was EXACTLY what had to change!

3. Took action – (all the wisdom and understanding ain’t nothing without action. Even if it’s one single bite-sized step, we have got to move forward through action. Wisdom in action = Power.)

For those of you who, like me, really need the real-life examples to bring steps, concepts and ideas home, then read on becasue I am happy to share my “Behind the Scenes Insider Scoop” into my process, and what I learned about myself.

Chances are you might see a lot of YOU in what I share.

The Before

(which obviously needed a good hard looking at.)

I always told myself I didn’t like routine or structure, and that I worked best in a free-flow sort of way. So a typical day in Diomira World went something like this:

  • Easing out of bed in the late morning (8:30…wish).
  • Check email and Facebook (hey world! Come on, my peeps might need me – you get it, right?).
  • Respond to emails, and go into reaction mode.
  • Get started with the rest of my to do list around 12…ish;
  • Now by late afternoon I’m exhausted; flailing about rest of the day.
  • I’ve probably checked my email in between oh every 15 minutes because it’s the only thing my brain can process.
  • Then I go to bed late as hell.
  • Meditation would be in there…somewhere.
  • Maybe I’d go for a walk. Maybe not.
  • Maybe I’d connect with a friend, and maybe not.

Sound exhausting? See yourself doing any of these things? Can you see how this was definitely NOT supporting me


(Here’s how I took action and CHANGED):

  • I wake up at 7am.
  • Go for a walk/run (of course not before attending to the master of the house aka my cat).
  • Arrive in my office (no worries I’ve eaten and bathed).
  • Read inspirational material.
  • Meditate.
  • Creative project work 2-3 hours (writing, blogging, course design, etc).
  • At noon I can take a peek at email/Facebook and respond.
  • Lunch.
  • Mechanical tasks – technology stuff ie web design, email uploading, emails, etc.)
  • 6pm el dono! The night I get to read, watch a movie, have dinner with friends, etc.

As I mentioned above, Stop, Drop and Roll helped me get clear on what needed to change: my schedule. I see now that this had been my blind spot forever – clearly hidden in plain sight; I had conveniently overlooked my schedule for years.

And to be completely transparent here – I’m not perfect. Like today I didn’t walk until late morning because I was so dang inspired when I woke up to write this I just had to get it out. But for the most part I am sticking to it because it feels so empowering. I feel SO MUCH better.

Now I’d love to hear from you – what is one thing you realized you needed to change when taking a self-inventory.

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