Since moving to Pennsylvania, I have not connected very deeply with the land or the beings. There have been a few exceptions such as the Inter-Forest Council of Light and my newly made faery friends in the house and garden. Overall however, I have not felt a strong resonance. This has been both shocking and depressing for me. My center is deeply rooted in the land and fulfillment comes from a symbiotic relationship with the faeries. I think it always has. The times when I have felt disconnected have resulted from a lack of connection with nature. As a young girl I was uprooted as my family and I moved from the Midwest to the Southeast. I have uprooted myself half a dozen times, traveling and then moving and living half way around the world. In all this change, however, I have almost always felt safe and had a sense of belonging and acceptance – not among people, but with the Earth. She and I are old friends. The faeries have been my haven and refuge even in the most chaotic of environments. So why did I feel so alone here? Why did I feel so out of place?

           Faeries are different…

After returning to Pennsylvania with the newfound awareness from this past Colorado trip (I write another post about this), everything that I’d been experiencing here up until this point became much clearer to me. These faeries were different, and quite frankly few and far between. I know. I know. I know what I teach. And it’s true. Every tree, every flower, every stone has a nature spirit. Yes. That is true. But there is another level of faery, just beyond the nature spirit level where the being begins to individualize. It is then that they take on a sort of identity, even if they still primarily identify with the surrounding land. The forests that I have experienced in the northeastern part of this state have very few of these individualized beings. And the ones that remain are pervaded by a blanket of sadness. Let me explain as best as I can.

Tree Huggin’ and Lovin’

Last week Curtis and I decided to do a spontaneous overnight getaway. We drove north and hiked the McDade Trail. I felt unsettled the whole time. Half way through our walk a group of trees called to me. I went way off the path to get to them. When I arrived I knew what I was to do. I stood on a large rock and placed my hand on one of the trees’ trunks. I began to send love and faery light. It flowed into the tree, so much so that it flooded out the roots and into the land. It filled the land up like a blanket of light reaching out in the four directions. Then I could feel the light that I channeled begin to ebb. I looked around. Well, now that was a little better. I felt the land lift ever so slightly. I still felt a little off put, but the feeling was greatly reduced. Feeling our work with the trees was complete we carried on. We felt a few raindrops trickling down. No matter. The rain was welcome.

“What are you?”

After another fifteen minutes or so further down the path, my attention was caught by a few flickering swishes in my periphery. Faeries. Finally. They seemed to be hiding, though. I could sense them all around – not many but little pockets, peaking out from behind a bush here, catching a glimpse from under a leaf over there. What was going on here? I’d never experienced a shy faery, uninterested maybe, but never shy. Then I heard them:

“What are you?” I nearly laughed out loud.

“What do you mean?” I asked, surprised by their question.GreenEyes

They repeated the question, “What are you?”

Had they never seen a human before? I stated the obvious: “I’m a human…”

“Then why do you carry a green light?”

That’s when I realized they didn’t know who I was…now I know this comes across as sounding somewhat arrogant, but it isn’t meant to be that way. If you, or anyone you have ever known, are an animal lover then you know what I am talking about here. Have you ever noticed how the animals just flock to certain people – usually animal lovers and children (which are naturally animal lovers)? Well, I have always experienced a similar sort of phenomena with the faeries. Before I enter any natural setting, I always send out love as an intentional greeting to all the faery beings, nature spirits and devas of the area. There is always acknowledgment and most often there is a heart recognition on a soul level. They know me. I know them. We’re cool. Past life connection aside, I’ve done a lot of work on a global scale. Lightworkers become known on the energetic level. Even if our notoriety seems to elude us on the physical earth plane. Wink.

Anyway, these faeries had never seen anyone like me: someone who works with the human and faery realms, one who walks between the worlds. I explained to them just that. I told them I was called Lady Rose in their realm and further explained that I used to walk with their kind once long ago. I had since chosen a different path. Now I was really of neither world, and I walked in both – a bridge that connected one realm to another. They asked other questions which I gladly answered. I found the dialogue fascinating. They were quite curious. After this energy exchange there was an openness that wasn’t there before between us. They were unguarded and I could feel them. A sense of indescribable sadness fell upon me. I knew it was not my own feelings, but coming from them. Why were they so sad? They looked not unlike a “lost soul” human looks – lackluster and all.

“Cannot you see that the time is upon us now? The Wheel of the Ages has turned once again. Look to the stars. You will remember.” I said to them.

I explained to them that the light moves deeply now into the planet. It lifts her out of sleep. The light interpenetrates our realms causing a lightweaving to occur. They should know this. Other faery beings I talked to had a great understanding of the Earth Cycles and movement…I had learned much of what I knew and understood of the natural world from them. Why did they seem so lost?

“Cannot you see?” I asked them.Heart Light

They looked confused. Perhaps they were affected by the multitude of confused earthbound spirits that populated the area. Perhaps it was something else.

I repeated, “Look to the stars. If ever you should forget look to the stars, for the stars hold the memory of what was, what is and what can be. Starlight descends to the planet once again. It will touch us. It will touch you.”

Curtis and I looked at one another. We kissed. They seemed to notice him for the first time. They asked, “What is he?”

“I’m not sure,” I answered and laughed. “We’re not sure…But when I know, you’ll know.”

You love him…” they said. I couldn’t tell if it was a question or if they were stating something they had just realized.


They seemed quite curious by this love that was between us.Then I realized why I’d been guided to do what we’d done earlier with the trees. We sent them love and thanked them for talking to us. And we left. Just then it started pouring. Smiling and laughing, we picked up the pace. Eventually we gave in and made a dash for it.

A Related Instance…

After this interaction with the local faeries, Curtis reminded me of a faery mission that we participated in back in April, which of course I’d completely forgotten about! Curtis, his daughter and I had had a wonderful hike up in the direction of north central PA. We were driving home when suddenly I observed some interesting energy in the trees. I was compelled to connect with it. I screamed, “Stop the car!” Luckily, Curtis is used to my strange behavior by now. We pulled over and I walked back to the area with the trees. There were faeries there and they were sad. They felt displaced. They said the others had gone. I knew they couldn’t stay where they were. I didn’t know why I knew that, but I did. Working within the sacred space of ceremony and meditation, we created a rainbow bridge of light to Terra Nova, a place I knew they could go to for healing and refuge. I felt them leave. The work was done.

What does it all mean?

I’m not entirely sure. The only information and explanation I’m being given about all this is that the Earth is changing. Land energies are shifting. Portals are opening and closing. Star gates are being activated. I don’t know what it all means. I don’t have the bigger picture. I just trust Spirit to guide me to where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there in order to be an instrument for good and promote the planetary transformation in any way I am able.

Behind the Scenes at Faery LightminifallsRavenCreek

I have been traveling to various sacred sites and certain biomes all over the world for almost 15 years. This has always been a part of what Faery Light does. Oftentimes it is just me, sometimes there are two of us, sometimes a group of many. Faery Light is not just an organization that promotes faery and human partnership through educating the masses and awakening our connection to nature, but also through planetary service and co-creative light work. It is this side of Faery Light that has remained hidden in the shadows, as very few people see and hear about the work that the organization does. Spirit has shown me that it is time to bring this work out into the light, for in doing so it offers up a vision of how co-creating with nature can look.

Blessings and Faery Light,



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