I have been working SO hard this year to convey more clearly what it is I have to share, and even more, how it can help YOU in your life where you are.

Not so long ago, I was a girl with a message. This message was an unusual message by some standards. Not because its underlying truths weren’t found anywhere else; actually, the uniqueness of my message was the viewpoint from which it hailed — a viewpoint, not from “above” but from DEEP within – the inner Earth realms, the Faery people, the vision of the Mother.

But for the longest time, I sat in bewilderment because I couldn’t understand why things were NOT coming together… You know the feeling of having something so powerful and magical to share, but things just aren’t shaking out.

I worked at a bar to supplement my income, and that definitely took its toll; I was tired, and worse, I felt like a failure.  

I remember screaming at the Universe: “You listen up! if you want me to keep doing this then I’m going to need a little help here! Dammit!”

I felt like I was “letting Mother Earth down.” Mostly, I felt I was letting myself down.

Back then, I’m not sure what kept me going except for the transformation I saw in the few that found my work.

Most did not understand me or they thought my work with the Faery peeps was a novelty. They couldn’t see how what I offered applied to them or the “real world.” How could what I taught actually change their life?!

Preposterous. Perhaps magic is real. Perhaps Faeries do exist. But so what. I have work to do and bills to pay. What has it got to do with me?

And in my heart, I wanted to scream! I wanted to yell: “It has everything to do with you!”

But I didn’t. Not ever. I remained quiet. Nearly silent.

Getting others to believe was not my desire, nor was it my style. It wasn’t that kind of “message.” What I had to share was a way to experince a relationship with Gaia and the Faery peeps so you could access your own wisdom that was true for YOU.

I knew I was missing something…what was it?

So I toiled, and dug, and dug even deeper. Nope. No good. Back to the drawing board. Why? Because what I learned is that I had to convey the message from YOUR perspective, NOT mine. Same message. Different approach.

If people can’t hear “the song” you are singing from your heart and soul, or perhaps they can hear, but not understand…what then? Well, we must learn to communicate in a different way, because there are 100,000 different ways of seeing, feeling, experiencing life here on planet Earth.

You cannot give up when someone doesn’t get you. Perhaps they never will. And that’s okay. Because different strokes for different folks.

But sometimes you just have to change the way you are saying something.

So what’s different?

Not me. I’m still the same girl. One who has a message to share, direct from the heart of Gaia and the Faery people.

That’s right, do not pass go, do not collect your $200; go straight to the heart of humanity was essentially what I got told 😉

Because this message is about the awakening of the planet and humankind. About choice and fate. How our destiny and that of the Faery people are forever intertwined. And no matter how far we stray from the path of our own heart and soul, love is always there to bring us back. And by the way, that time is NOW. To walk back, be guided gently, or be dragged kicking and screaming. The choice is ours and always has been — to a point. You see, Gaia is not a victim any more than we are. She will not let us destroy her. She’s GOT this! But her children (that’s us)…well, we have got some ‘splainin’ to do!

And our elder brothers and sisters (the Faery peeps and some indigenous elders too) have been telling us for some time now, “Mom’s gonna be home soon. You better clean this mess up. You know she won’t be happy.”

But unbeknownst to us, she has been home the whole time, waiting, watching us, seeing what we’ll do. Because it’s much more powerful if we decide to do good because we want to and not because “mom” says we have to and makes us.

So this is what my southern friends call a “Come to Jesus” — for those of you who don’t have any South running through your veins, it’s basically a “talking to.”

So what are we going to do? Are we going to clean up our rooms and play nice? I sure as hell want to. And I am pretty sure if you’re reading this, you do too. And that, is what Faery Light is really all about.

So you tell me?

Can you see the power of working and co-creating with the Faery people in your daily life?

Let me know in the Facebook Group.

Here’s to the New Earth – let’s co-create this Gaia Vision together!

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