Feel as if you’re moving against the grain of life?

If you want to stop fighting the proverbial uphill battle, reclaim your power and put the flow back into your life then a little Moon magic is a great place to start!

No doubt when you tune in and contemplate the Moon you pick up on qualities like divine fem, silver wisdom, mystery and magic in the making, subconscious subtlety, dreamy intuition.

But what else can we discover.

Traditionally the Moon is known as Grandmother. As this small clue begins to reveal some insight into her Mysteries, let yourself awaken to the Moon’s powers in your own life. 

Couple that with Moon cycle work, and watch how your own rhythms start to awaken and unfold naturally.

Having begun the Moon cycle with the New Moon this past Thursday, she is now slowly growing toward her fullest potential as Full Moon. What have you started anew in your own life over the last few days? It’s not too late to plant some seeds of change.

Once the Moon reaches full, see what you may be able to harvest in your the garden of your life.

Then from Full to New the Moon will wane – a perfect time for introspection, dismantling, clearing, cleaning your life.

I created this easy exercise to help you tune into the Moon, align with the rhythm of life and start stepping back into the flow of the universe:

Moon Magic Awakening

  • Close your eyes. Breathe and feel your heart. Become aware of the light that is you.
  • Feel your love for Grandmother Moon, and ask to connect to her. Feel her love for you.
  • She is in waxing phase now. What does this waxing energy feel like? Notice what you see, sense or feel.
  • Notice what, if anything comes up. Since the Moon exposes the shadows of our psyches, a healing opportunity may present itself.
  • Simply observe what is present.
  • Pay attention to any energetic movement in your body when connecting with her.
  • Each Moon phase lands in a sign of the zodiac, and has a different energy associated with it. Let her show you how she feels while in within the various signs (as oppose to you reading about what it is supposed to mean or feel like).
  • Now open your eyes.
  • Based on the energy you perceived, what intention would you like to work with this month? It can be anything you wish to work on, but also as simple as: “I seek to align with your rhythm for my highest good and the good of the whole.”
  • Write it down on a piece of paper that you can fold up later.
  • Consiously feeling your connection with the Grandmother, state your new intention aloud.
  • Offer gratitude.
  • Closing: Say aloud “Blessed Be.” or “And So It Is.”
  • Place your intention on your altar with a rose quartz crystal atop it.

The Moon has many ways of teaching, so don’t worry if you don’t think anything happened. Our conscious minds are sometimes unable to process the energy, so pay attention to your dreams;  the Moon loves to work with the subconscious.

Try connecting with the Moon during her different phases to help you learn about their energetic differences for yourself.

Learning about the cycles and energies of the stars, planets, Moon, Sun and Earth is not about predicting the future or limiting yourself with “rules;” instead it is a tool of empowerment that is meant to support you in your life journey here on Earth.

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