The coveted question:

Am I psychic?


Do I have intuitive gifts?

Well, the answer is VERY simple:


Now how could I possibly know that YOU, the reader, are psychic? Well, let me share a little secret: EVERYONE IS!

That’s right. Finally a rule with no exceptions 🙂

So why doesn’t everyone actually exhibit their psychic and intuitive abilities if everyone has them? In most cases, this boils down to a simple lack of nurturing and attention. It’s no secret that in our society intuition and sacred senses are hardly valued. In fact, they are often frowned upon, discredited or placed in the “woo” category.

On top of that, many peeps may have past life trauma or persecution anxiety around this that they are not even aware of. it’s perfectly normal and common to have a deep-rooted fear of rejection preventing you from really allowing your gifts to unfold.

Now there is something super important here to be noted. While intuition is a natural feminine ability of humans in general, it is not recommended to try to develop your psychic abilities if you are not in touch with your feminine nature (men you too!). It’s best to heal, welcome and love the feminine part of yourself first.

Here’s why:

Have you ever met a psychic person who was ALL seer but no HEART?

Someone who read energy but failed to offer compassion?

Perhaps you got a reading from someone that felt very disconcerting and icky?

If you don’t have an open heart, your psychic abilities can come across as cold and distant. And they’ll never be completely accurate because you’re only seeing reality from one perspective – that of the mind.

Additionally, without heart it’s easy for the ego to grow too big for its britches. An example of the is the know-it-all psychic, one who runs around telling everyone what they “see” around them – completely unsolicited. This is not helpful and generally is an indication that this person is an attention junkie who needs to feel valued.

If this is you, no worries! Simply become aware of it. Then give yourself the love, attention and value that you need instead of trying to get it from others. Then make better choices around this. 🙂

This segues nicely into spiritual maturity. Just because you are psychic or can “see” what others cannot, does not make you spiritually “advanced.” It’s time to get over ourselves and move away from spiritual elitism. This only serves to segregate. How ridiculous does it sound to say, “I am more awake then you, so you CLEARLY would not get what I’m saying here.”

Each person who desires may begin to awaken their intuitive nature with loving attention, trust and nurturing. This is actually a great formula to get started:

  1. Loving attention – start paying attention to yourself. Pay attention to your feelings and insights.
  2. Trust – don’t second guess yourself. Listen to your inklings.
  3. Nurture – we nurture our intuition by heeding it – so once you have paid attention and you start trusting, now take action! Act on those feelings, knowings and inspired ideas.

With these simple steps you’ll be well on your way to a life enriched by your intuition and sacred senses.

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