Magical Life Mastery

Unlock the Faery Mysteries, Unleash your Soul’s Magic!

If you’re ready to uncover your soul’s secret wisdom, reclaim your sacred power + inner authority and live a life enchanted by real-life magic, then let this complete magical life blueprint be your guide and roadmap to light your way.

Raise Your Hand if You…

  • Are tired of reading every spiritual book out there, hopping from Youtube meditations to cool new agey pics on Instagram to try to tap into the magic that you’ve been searching for so long. That’s exhausting!
  • Really want to see what magic, power and wisdom lies at your fingertips, within your own heart, not to mention all around you at just a stone’s throw away.
  • Would love to finally know what it feels like to awaken and reclaim your gifts of intuition, healing and soul-shaking manifestation.
  • Deep-down in your light worker’s heart, KNOW that working with the Faery realm and the enchanting magic of the Earth is the KEY to your growth, healing and transformation, not just for yourself but for the planet.

Can I get a hell- yeah?! Well, if your hand was raised and flailing fervently at any of the above, then read on because you just may have found your soul-ution!

Working with the Faeries is not just a novelty. Nor are these beings airy-fairy sprites of the New Age or Victorian era. Now we’ll come back to who they are and what it’s all about in a minute. But before that, let’s talk about WHY YOU SHOULD work with these beings in the first place. Okay first thing’s first – working with the Faeries can be a complete magical system that is powerful and transformative! Known as the Faery Mysteries, this way of living and being in the world addresses the underlying root causes of the main challenges and obstacles of your modern life. Because when you step into the Faery Mysteries – not only will you awaken who YOU are on a soul level, but you will also remember how to be WHO you are in the world.

You’ll remember how magic feels to be an all-pervasive real part of your life. Because unlocking your soul gifts and living your purpose, energizes you, makes you feel alive and more you than ever before – and then couple that with being able to radiate those gifts and that magic out into the world. But not only that! You will also create a force field of support and sustenance from which you can draw on in times of need or just everyday living! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you woke up refreshed and renewed of spirit, feeling like you belonged in the world as an integral and constructive part of it? That will be pretty amazing in your life, right?

And that is why I’ve lovingly crafted Magical Life Mastery just for YOU!

FIRST RING of INITIATION: Faery Light Walker

Magical Life Mastery will help you create:

  • Heart-awakened reality – learn to perceive in this inspired + refreshing new way (clutches of the mind – be gone).
  • Confidence + clarity in your life as you fine-tune your sacred senses.
  • Connection with your soul’s natural energy source as you root deep and rise HIGH.
  • A direct line into Faery magic to feel more energized, alive and “you” than ever before.
  • A meaningful life + spiritual practice that goes beyond your meditation pillow (watch it sparkle + spill into your whole life!)
  • Big picture clarity – time to connect the dots and uncover how YOU fit in!
  • Crystal clear messages from the Faery world to help guide you on your own soul’s journey at this time.
  • Your personal Faery contact when you activate the sacred Faery Counterpart relationship that will guide you for years to come.

What’s Included

  • Lifetime access to the course that includes 8 pre-recorded 1.5+ hr. video modules
  • 8+ worksheets, pdfs, guidebooks to offer you doable, actionable activities, rituals and guided practices to help you take action and make it real for you!
  • 8+ recorded audio meditations and guided journeys to help you deepen your experience and support you every step of the way!
  • Private VIP MLM Facebook group to share your experiences and results of ongoing work and assignments with the Magical Life Mastery community.


  • 8 recorded videos in the private FB group where I personally answered questions students had during the course of the program.
  • Permission to ask questions in the private FB lives any time Magical Life Mastery runs live.

I'm ready!

Here is a play-by-play of each module:

Module 1: Awaken: The Heart is Where it’s At

You start in module one, awakening the heart in the ancient way taught by the Faery people. Awaken, Align and Step onto Your Path of Purpose

  • Learn the key to a life of ease, joy and magic!
  • Learn 1 simple meditation technique that can change your life, making you feel grounded, balanced and totally at peace.
  • 3 secrets to easily step into the flow of joyful living
  • Move into perceiving life from the heart – in a unified reality, interconnected and infused with life force.

Once the heart awakens, you can get the convo started with your team of sacred allies, guides and teachers. So that you can begin to foster a relationship with the spiritual realm.

Module 2: Heal: The Crystal Connection

This module you’re going activate your sacred senses and come into relationship with nature, starting by working with the crystal kingdom. And not in any traditional or New Age way (no memorizing of their properties or programming them)! Not only that, but you will also come away having started the convo with your allies too!

  • Discover the #1 pitfall preventing you from communicating with the invisible realms of Spirit.
  • Engage Your Imagination to Initiate Your Soul Expansion
  • Learn to work with the crystal peeps as real conscious beings that you can partner with to learn about one another.
  • Commune with them and receive their soul qualities they wish to gift you with at this time.
Module 3: Enchant: Secrets of the Trees

Now you’re going to enchant your life with the trees!

  • Work with the trees as sacred allies to help you restore your sacred memory.
  • Uncover a powerful key codes within a very ancient myth that unlock the mystery of relationship between humanity, faery and the trees.
  • Connect with the trees on a soul level to understand the map of wisdom they’ve given to us as a way to begin to bridge heaven on Earth.
  • Discover the secret to oracular insight when you uncover the Rings of Time stored inside the tree rings.
Module 4: Align: Moon Magic & Faery Wisdom

We are really kicking things up a notch in this module!

  • Journey to meet a Faery power and Guardian of Faery Light Mystery School – the Lady of the Lake.
  • Receive a blessing to open up the way ahead.
  • Explore the powerful alchemy of Moon magic and learn how to start working with it NOW!
  • Participate in a powerful New Moon ceremony for creation and intention setting.
Module 5: Transform: A Faery Healing

This is when we’re really going to be transforming!

  • Experience a deep Faery Ring healing process as preparation for the profound initiation that you will experience in Module 6.
  • Feel empowered and filled with incredible joy as you explore the healing gifts of Mother Earth and the Faery world.
  • Witness the extraordinary power story told by storyteller and guest speaker Mary Thompson.
Module 6: Activate: Faery Counterpart Initiation

This module is dedicated to awakening a sacred one-of-a-kind partnership with your Faery Counterpart, a Faery being that resides on the inner planes of the Earth that has agreed to come forth and work with YOU at this time. Rest assured, this goes way beyond the idea of “fairy guide.”

  • Become your own Faery oracle and gain confidence and clarity in your intuition, direction and big picture wisdom!
  • Uncover what a Faery Counterpart really is and why having one is SO crucial to your awakening and planetary restoration!
  • Experience the gift, blessing and honor of receiving the Faery Counterpart Initiation!
  • Learn powerful techniques for bridging – a way to forge this bond in time and space and anchor into the physical world.
Module 7: Remember: The Art of Dreaming

This is something I get asked about all the time – and people get stuck here a lot – communication. The thing is, we, the invisible realm of spirit and humans, don’t communicate in the same way. We must learn the art of communication between us in order to have successful relationships of magic, wisdom and power.

  • Uncover an ancient soul language that the Faeries speak in.
  • Unlock the power and wisdom of the Faery realm through dreaming!
  • Create a sacred object to invite the Faeries to commune with you in your dreams!
Module 8: Manifest: Co-Create Your Dreams

In this last module you will feel your soul’s divine purpose unfold and awaken! Time to make your dreams a reality!

  • Learn to work with your Faery Counterpart in a powerful co-creation process to manifest your dreams.
  • Explore real-life examples of how to live your magic-filled purpose on a daily basis!
  • Activate Your Soul’s Fullest Potential when you become Faery Light Walker during your final initiation!

Who this is for…

In short, Magical Life Mastery is for people who:

  • Are READY to transform their life and to do the work to make it happen!
  • Enjoy experiential learning coupled with grounded information and explanation.
  • YEARN to have a profound and magical relationship with the Earth and her myriad realms of enchantment.
  • Are ready to partner with the sacred to co-create magic and healing for generations to come!

One of my students, Johanie who lives in Montreal, really had NO previous experience with the Faeries, metaphysics, spiritual programs or inner world work, but was being drawn to something deeper and she didn’t know what. At the end of the program, here’s what she had to say:

I didn’t know anything about Faeries before enrolling in the Magical Life Mastery Program and I must say that it’s one of the most beautiful gifts I ever offered to myself. Diomira is a wonderful and truly gifted teacher, she has guided us step by step and does an amazing work bridging our reality to the Faery realm. She helped me believe in my own power and acknowledge my true essence. She’s always full of energy and has wonderful stories and experiences to share. Her knowledge and wisdom is really impressive and her love for the Elemental world is genuinely precious and contagious. Since the beginning of the course, my connectivity, intuition and manifestation abilities have hugely improved and my life is taking a new turn. I really feel like I’ve stepped into the light and for the first time of my life, I’m seeing the path ahead. Owning my power, it’s only the beginning! Thank you Diomira!


Who this is not for…

  • You are an info junky and just want to inhale information, but not take action.
  • You don’t want to do any work, either inner or otherwise, to change your life.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or a “once and done” solution.
  • You are looking for a novelty fairy class or an airy fairy, glitter and glitz, tinker bell approach to magical living.
  • You are looking to escape your reality instead of shift it, co-create it, transform it!
  • You are looking for a guru instead of wanting to be empowered and self-sufficient.
  • You enjoy blaming or playing the victim.

Your Investment

$497 USD

Once payment is received you will receive a welcome email with all of the course log in information as well as some tips and support to make sure you are all set.

Refund Policy: If in the first 10 days you are not satisfied you can receive a full refund less $75 processing fee. However, in order to qualify for this refund you have to at least go through the first two modules and do all the work. If at that point you did not experience results you must send me all your work, including journal entries and notes about your daily homework and sacred tasks via email to verify you actually did the work and did not get results. This must be submitted within the first 10 days or no refund will be given. All work must be submitted or no refund will be given. Refunds are still at the discretion of Faery Light LLC, and may not be given if full requirements are not believed to have been met.

Magical Life Mastery is for me!

My Heart-felt Letter to You

Dear Future Faery Light Initiate,

I have heard how much you yearn ignite the magic that you know is real in your own life and world. I hope that you find this offering as magical as I do. While often challenging to convey exactly what you will get beyond what I’ve already stated above, I will say that I can promise you this is not an airy fairy course, but it is a course about faery and human partnership. The path of the initiate is deep, profound, sometimes lonely, often terrifying and incredibly beautiful. And from the moment you say “yes” to yourself and embark on the initiate’s journey, your life may start to shift and change. So let’s bring it on, shall we?

During this course, may you dance with the DEEP, root deep and rise to the occasion of your brightest self. It’s time to revel in magic, authenticity and truth. And it would be my great honor to support you in deepening, playing, harmonizing and taking your SH*T to the NEXT LEVEL! Love you  so much!

May you be blessed and wrapped in Faery light,

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