Summer is in high-gear, and with it our passions and desires tend to rise up with a fierceness. The Earth is calling us to take action, and bring the dreams of our heart into our everyday world.

Let me first say there is absolutely NO reason your spirituality has to be confined as an AREA of  your life, especially not one that is marked private and off-limits.

Isn’t it high time you invite the magical realms of the Earth into your day-to-day life – like your money, relationships and business?

What if you spiritualized all areas of your life so you could walk, live and play in magic?

The New Moon is the perfect time for co-creating with the inner realms of Spirit. 

In fact, we are being called in these last days before the New Moon (called the dark of the moon) to really take stock of what is, and sort the seeds of what will be.

What do you want for your life?

Use the dark of the moon to see clearly, re-envision and re-conceive. 

First, ask yourself what passion, desire or dream have you yearned to birth. The fire of Leo will be in your corner this New Moon (July 23rd, 2017), so you will have all the support you need to really kick ass – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and oh-so-passionately.

Isn’t it time to kick things up a notch? 

Here’s a simple New Moon Ritual to get you started:

How to Co-Create a Dream of your Heart

Supplies needed: paper, pen, candle

Time: 30 minutes or less


  1. Breathe. Center yourself. (Try the Earth Sky Attunement Meditation).
  2. Honor each of the four directions. Call upon your sacred allies, guides and teachers, Mama Earth, Father Sky and Leori/Leona (yep, you might recognize them from my series, The Forest Speaks. I assure you, the beings in there ARE real).
  3. Journal your intention. Once you have a , say it aloud.
  4. Light your candle.
  5. Fold up your paper with the Vision Statement.
  6. Use your imagination to feel the force of Leo. Feel Grandmother Moon. Feel the Earth. Feel Leori and Leona – let all of them be your witness. 
  7. Now blow on your piece of paper with your intention, infusing with power, passion and fuel to BECOME!
  8. Give thanks that it is so!
  9. Dedication – send the energy you generated during this ritual to the Earth and to the four directions as a heart-felt blessing.
  10. Thank and release the directions, the spirit guides and allies, and any support you may have called upon.
  11. Blow out the candle.
  12. A ho – And So It Is.

Let me know in the Facebook group which intentions you are birthing in at this time.


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