Have you found yourself trying to proceed with business as usual, and it just is NOT working?

This past series of eclipses has set us all a’scrambling. Fumbling in the darkness, and unsure of what it is exactly that has been set into motion, one thing is certain.

Familiarity has left the building

And yet…for those of us who insist on moving forward in the same way as it WAS and as it HAS BEEN in the past, it may be very challenging. We can no longer maintain the status quo.

Indeed, many of you have felt what I’m talking about. Ever since that last solar eclipse nothing — and I do mean NOTHING — is the same. 

Although it may appear to be similar on the outer, something feels very, very different within.

This new epoch that we have ushered in came on the heels of the eclipses, and dare I say, like a thief in the night.

I know how scary it feels to be caught unawares when the changing winds blew in. 

Especially now that the operating systems of life are obsolete, and the programs on them no longer function. There are no more updates to be had. The old must be let go.

Say goodbye to your old road maps for they are not valid any longer. Together we enter unchartered territory, and many of us are still reeling with disbelief or scratching our heads wondering why “something’s not working like it once did.

How then can we proceed? 

We must Stop, Drop & Roll.

Stop – Seriously, just stop. I know we say all the time we can’t – but I’m going to tell it like it is – that’s bullshit. We can. Can’t is NOT the same as choosing not to. So let’s just stop. Even if it’s for a half a day. You have to interrupt the sequence of CRAY CRAY, and that ain’t going to happen from the midst of chaos.

Drop –into your heart. Do this by centering first – intentionally draw your scattered energy inward. Use a visualization if you need to where you go to the edges of your world and collect little fragments of your attention. Once you’ve done that use your breath to take your attention to your heart and begin the Earth Sky Attunement.

Roll – Roll with it, and surrender. Instead of seeking answers, we might consider acknowledging the power of the questions on their own. It’s time to give our questions some space. Space allows for a journey to unfold. What is being unveiled at this time in each and every one of our lives is something new and very different than anything we’ve ever experienced before. The asking signifies a willingness to change and receptivity to something greater.

In this state of surrender many new things can bear fruit.

Blessings! To the New Earth. She is here, and she is waiting for us, my dear brothers and sisters, to realize we’ve arrived. We may not know (with our mind) what to do. But if I might be so bold to surmise:

Our hearts do indeed know the WAY!

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