I am really looking forward to our upcoming Faery Light School retreat. The Beings of Light and High Faeries have been stepping down their rate of vibration over these last weeks to draw closer to us. Once they reach a certain level it will be our responsibility to lift our rate of vibration to meet them where they are at! A portal is opening and many of you who have answered the call to join will be stepping into it with me over the next week or two – we will be living between the worlds. Much is magnified when we commit to a group experience of this nature  – expect the energies to be upgraded and heightened, sort of like a full moon that lasts a few weeks – whew!!! Don’t worry if some emotional stuff presents itself – it is only coming up to be cleared so that a great deal of space can be created to make way for the Earth Light that is pouring onto the Earth’s surface!
As is usually the case with one of these retreats, I myself have been on a wild ride for the last few weeks, really delving into the depths to see what’s there and then reaching the hidden Earth Light that exists within all the darkness. My outer world has completely shifted and purged itself, leaving me feeling stripped and vulnerable with little familiarity. Amazing how sometimes the verge of crazy is actually the edge of enlightenment. What a ride!
If you haven’t already felt the presence of the faery beings all around you, give yourself a few moments of quiet and invite them into your space. Their light can be absolutely breathtaking and joyful to sit in the presence of. I invite you to dance within the Earth Light and enter the Faery Ring with me!

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